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Help us keep the front doors open - keep your distance!

To allow us to keep the front doors of the buses open, travellers must keep the required distance to the driver and other travellers when entering the bus!

Open front doors on our buses makes it easier to buy and register tickets and improves the flow of passengers. With passengers entering the bus at the front and leaving at the back, passengers do not have to meet face to face on the way into or out of the bus. This helps reduce the risk of infection.

Unfortunatly, after we opened the front doors 10th August, we have had feedback from drivers saying that travellers are not so good at keeping distance. It gets crowded by the bus entrance and some passengers do not respect the marking for keeping the required distance to the driver.

We ask all travellers to take the risk of infection seriously and to keep distance when entering the bus - both to the driver and to other travelers who are waiting to enter the bus.

Please remember that without healthy bus drivers, public transport will stop!

Many people depend on public transport to get to work or school. Please help us ensure that none of them gets infected!

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