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Sunnmøre South: adjustments for lines 260, 310, 330, 332, 338 and 391 from 26th October

There will be some minor adjustments for some of the bus lines in the Sunnmøre South area from Monday 26th October.

You can always find updated travel information in the travel planner on or in the FRAM mobile app.


These adjustmenst will apply from 26th October

Line 260 Sykkylven-Straumgjerde-Ikornnes-Hundeidvik:

  • Daparture from Gjevenes snuplass changed to depart 5 minutes earlier, at 08.00.
  • Departure from Hundeidvik changed to leave 10 minutes earlier, at 11.50.

Line 310 Åheim-Årvik-Garnes-Hareid

  • Departure from Garnes on school days changed to leave 5 minutes earlier, at 14.50.

Line 330 Fosnavåg-Ulsteinvik-Hareid

  • Departure from Hareid 14.25 to Fosnavåg: rest time (5 minutes) removed at Garnes. New departure time 14.50. Passing times later on the route adjusted correspondincly.

Line 332 Nerlandsøy-Eggesbønes

  • Departure from Fosnavåg changed to leave 5 minutes earlier, at 08.05.

Line 338 Volda-Ørsta-Ulsteinvik

  • Departure from Volda 14.10 changed to not drive via Berknes. New passing times at Garnes and Ulsteinvik.
  • «Kun avstigning» (only permitted to leave the bus) at Volda sjukehus on the 07.10 departure from Ulsteinvik.

 Line 391 Steinsvika-Løvik-Dravlaus-Laustad

  • Changes in day code "kun skolekøyring" (school drives only). The school has been informed.

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