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Front doors on buses in Molde closed from Saturday 21st November

Du to the outbreak of corona in Molde the safety representative for Vy Buss has decided to close the front doors of the city buses in Molde (lines 701, 702, 703, 705, 706) and line 714 Hjelset-Kleive. The doors will be closed from Saturday morning, 21st November.

As long as the front doors are closed it is not possible to buy a ticket from the driver or to validate the mobile ticket or travel card on the ticket reader at the front of the bus.

We ask travellers to buy tickets in advance in the FRAM app or via SMS. Note that it is not required to have a Smart phone in order to buy a ticket with SMS. You can find more information about how to buy a ticket on this web site by clicking the yellow corona banner.

If you don't have a mobile phone you can buy a "corona ticket" at the traffic terminal in Molde or by calling FRAM customer care centre on 71 28 01 00.

It is still mandatory to have a valid ticket even if the front doors are closed.

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