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Landslide closes road near Sulesund ferry quay - alternative routes for ferries and buses

County road 61 is blocked near Sulesund ferry quay due to a landslide. This means the ferry cannot use Sulesund ferry quey and therefore goes in an alternative route Hareid-Solavåg.

As long as the road is closed, bus lines 101 and 310 will have altenrative schedules. The same applies to the ferry Festøya-Solavågen. See below.

The travel time Hareid-Solevåg takes aprox. 1 hour. Sunday morning the ferry has gone every second hour between Hareid and Solevåg. We expect a second ferry to be available from approx. 11.00. 

Møre og Romsdal county authority has evaluated the landslide. Sunday mid-day there are still falling rocks and not safe to work at the place. The road will remain closed Sunday. A new evaluation will be done Monday morning.  The ferry will go between Hareid and Solevåg as long as the road is closed, and some bus lines will have an alternative schedule.

Note! If you need transportation from Sulesund due to a critical medical situation, you must call the ferries MF Giskøy (phone number 415 36 787) and MF Hadarøy (telephone number 415 36 311) directly to book transport.

Alternative bus and ferry tables applicable as long as the road is closed

Alternative schedule for ferry line 06 Hareid-Solavåg

Alternative schedule for ferry line 11 Festøya-Solavågen

Alternative schedule for bus line 101 FRAM Ekspress Volda-Ålesund

Alternative schedule for bus line 310 Åheim-Årvik-Garnes-Hareid

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