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To transfer between two buses, or express boats to another bus/express boat, is considered a transfer. This is the case when the means of transport is part of a longer journey.

When a ferry is part of a bus journey, you get a paper ticket for the ferry crossing. You need to take care of this and show it to the crew on the ferry.

If your travel destination is in Møre and Romsdal, a transit ticket will be sold to your final destination if that is the most appropriate option.

Transfer with a period ticket

If you have a period ticket for an area, the ticket is valid for transfers on all routes and zones in the area. When transferring between buses or an express boat, the ticket on your travelcard in the FRAM app will be read (validated) on the bus/express boat.

If you have a period ticket in which a ferry crossing is part of the route, you must show the receipt for the ticket on the travelcard and in the FRAM app to the crew on the ferry.

Note! FRAM's transfer rules for do not apply to Kystekspressen (the Coastal Express Boat), which of part of AtB's public transport service in Trønderlag. You can find information about AtB here.

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