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Adjustments on lines 100 and 905 due to changes in ferry times Molde-Vestnes from 1 March


Due to changes in ferry times Molde-Vestnes on Sundays there will be some adjustments on FRAM Ekspress lines 100 and 905 from 1st March.

Line 714 Kleive-Molde: departure from Skjevikåsen 06.55 only on school days


From Wednesday 24th February there will be an adjustment on line 714 Kleive-Molde.

Ålesund: Vestre Olsvikveg closed again from Wednesday 24 February


Ålesund municipality need to close Vestre Olsvikveg again from Wednesday 24th February for approximately 1 month. This means that buses must follow an alternative route as long as the road is closed.

Adjustments on lines 101/100 Volda-Ålesund-Volda, 210 and 310 from 1 March


From Monday 1st March there will be some minor adjustments on line 101/100 FRAM Ekspress between Volda and Ålesund, line 210 Valldal-Sjøholt-Ålesund and line 310 Åheim-Årvik-Garnes-Hareid.

Bus line 821: more departures will drive via Nordlandet sundbåtkai from 1 March


From Monday 1st March there will be some adjustments for bus line 821 Kristiansund-Tustna-Aure-Kjørsvikbugen.

Problem with payment in the FRAM app


We are currently experiencing that some travelers have problems with payment in the FRAM app after we switched to stronger customer authentication (SCA) to comply with the EU's revised payment directive (PSD2).

Line 332: departures cancelled Friday morning (19 February) due to maintenance at Nerlandsøybrua


Nerlandsøybrua will be closed for maintenance from Thursday 18th February at 21.00 until Friday 19th February at 06.00.

Downtime for real-time information 16 February at 11-13


Due to necessary maintenance 16 February at 11-13, the real-time information for the buses, express boats and ferries will be down (will not work) on the screens, in the travel planner on and in the FRAM app.

Increased bus capacity in Ålesund, Molde and Kristiansund during rush hours


As a preventive measure against the mutated corona virus, extra buses will be in operation in the rush hours for city buses, where the pressure on the capacity is the highest.

Ålesund: Vestre Olsvikveg open again from Månday 8 February - normal buss route


Ålesund municipality have announced that Vestre Olsvikveg will be reopened for normal traffic from Monday morning (8th February).

Ålesund: Vestre Olsvikveg closed from today at 10.00 - alternative route for buses


Due to a piping problem, Vestre Olsvikveg will be closed for drive-through traffic from approx. 10.00 today, Thursday 28th January for a few days. This means that the buses that normally drive there, must drive an alternative route.

Departures will be reinstated on ferry route 31 Aukra-Hollingsholmen from 1 February


From 01.02.21, the ferry departure from Hollingsholmen at 13.15 and the departure from Aukra at 13.30 on weekdays will be reinstated. The departures were originally removed from 01.01.21, but are now back.

Vestnes: bus stop changes names from Vestnes hurtigbåtkai to Vestnes sentrum from 1 February


The bus stop which is currently called Vestnes hurtigbåtkai will from 1st February be called Vestnes sentrum.

Ålesund/Hessa: buses will drive their normal route from Tuesday 26 January


The road works in Kaptein Linges road has been completed sooner than planned, and the buses will drive their normal route from Tuesday 26th January.

Ålesund: Kirkegata closed from 25.01 - busses will drive via Nedre Strandgate


Due to road works, Kirkegata will be closed for through-traffic from 25th January until approx. 1st June 2021.

Ferry Seivika-Tømmervåg: some departures cancelled in the periode 25.01-06-02 due to construction work


Due to construction work in the period from 25th January until (and including) 6th February, some departures will be cancelled in this period.

245 Rekdal-Vestnes: adjustments from Wednesday 20 January


There will be a minor adjustment on line 245 Rekdal-Vestnes from Wednesday 20th January 2021.

Ålesund, Giske, Sula: adjustments on some bus lines


In connection with the start of a new contract periode it has been necessary to make some adjustments for some of the bus lines in Ålesund, Giske and Sula. 

Asked for BankID in the FRAM app? Use Vipps as payment method to avoid it.


Do you have to frequently identify yourself with BankID when purchasing a ticket in the FRAM app? If you choose Vipps as payment method you will not have to use BankID except from the first time you install Vipps on your phone.

Rauma/Vestnes: minor adjustements on some bus lines from 18 January


There will be some minor adjustments on bus lines 245, 247, 429, 482 og 483 from 18th January 2021. The reasons for the adjustments are some challenges with catching the ferry at Furneset and name changes for some bus stops.

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