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New payment method for bus tickets for travellers without a mobile phone - the "corona ticket"

Wednesday 7th October FRAM introduces a new payment method for bus tikets - "Koronabilletten" (the corona ticket). The ticket is made available because the front doors of the buses are now closed on buses in parts of Møre og Romsdal, and it is not possible to buy a ticket from the driver.

The corona ticket is a coupon meant to be used for people who do not have a mobile phone or who have a mobile phone agreement that does not allow the purchase of services via the mobile phone.

With the corona ticket is a response to feedback from the last period with closed front doors. It is important for FRAM that all passengers have the possibility to buy a ticket. With the corona ticket we avoid a situation where some passengers are unable to pay for their bus ticket.

Where can you buy the corona ticket?

The corona ticket costs NOK 2092 and you can buy it at Kristiansund traffic terminal, Molde traffic terminal and Moa traffic terminal. You can also buy the corona ticket by contacting FRAM customer care centre (telephone 71 28 01 00). The coupon will then be sent to you together with an invoice.

How to use the corona ticket

The corona ticket is a coupon consisting of squares with different money values. This means that the ticket is a manual and trust-based ticket option, where the customer register the cost of their trip. 

To register the price, the passenger enters the date and time in as many squares as required to cover the price of the trip.

While we are now introducing the corona ticket, FRAM still encourages all travellers who are able to use a mobile phone to either buy tickets via the FRAM app or SMS. 

These are the options for buying your bus ticket:

  • The FRAM mobile app: period tickets, single tickets and group tickets.
  • SMS: Enter the word Buss and the price for your trip and send the SMS to 1990. Ecample:: Buss 19.
  • Corona ticket: value coupon where the passenger registers the value of each trip. The coupon must be pre-bought. 

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