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We lift the distance requirements from Monday 8th June

Based on updated guidelines from the national authorities with further normalisation and reduction in infection control measures, Møre and Romsdal county will lift the distance requirements on public transport.

This means that from 8th June 2020 will offer school transport as normal. A missing school transport service will therefore not be a limiting factor preventing the schools from implementing their plans for on-site teaching. 

With the major reopening the national authorities are now opening up for, we wish to offer student normal school transport services so that they can return to on-site teaching.

We will contrinue with enhanced cleaning schedules on all means of transport, and ask all travellers to be considerate of fellow travellers. We also urge all of the pupils and students who can to walk or cycle to school.

If infection rises in our area or there are new national requiremenst, we will have to adjust the public transport services accordingly.

The use of full capacity in public transport will apply from 08.06.20.

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