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681 Ålesund-Åndalsnes: timetable adjustments from 12th December


Due to changes in train times there will be adjustments in the timetable for FRAM Ekspress 681 Ålesund-Vestnes-Åndalsnes (train bus) from 12th December 2021.

Ålesund/Sula: face mask mandate on public transport from 12.00 Saturday 20th November


Saturday 20th November from 12.00 Ålesund and Sula municipalities introduces new local regulations. The regulations includes a face mask mandate for public transport.

Cancellations among buses, express boats and ferries due to the weather on Friday 19 November


Due to weather with strong winds on Friday 19 November 2021, there are several cancellations among the departures for the buses, express boats and ferries in the county.

Molde: bus stop Årøkrysset (in the direction of Molde) by the airport closed for approximately two weeks from 23rd November


Due to roadworks, the bus stop Årøkrysset will be closed from Tuesday 23rd November. The closing is expected to last for approximately 2 weeks.

Ferry 06 Hareid-Sulesund: temporary changes in timetable 22.11 - 17.12 2021


In the period  Monday 22nd November - Friday 17th December there will be temporary changes in the timetable for the Hareid-Sulesund ferry route.

Slinningen: The buses run the normal route from the morning of 15 November


The excavation work in Kaptein Linges veg is finished before the plan and the road is open again so that the buses start running the normal route from the morning of Monday 15 November 2021.

Kristiansund: Routes 801, 812 and 821 will run Verkstedveien in both directions from 11 November


From and including Thursday 11 November 2021, the buses on routes 801 Løkkemyra-Kristiansund lufthavn, 812 Kristiansund Sentrum-Godhaugen-Storbakken-Flatøy and 821 Kristiansund-Tustna-Aure-Kjørsvikbugen will run Verkstedveien both towards the airport and towards the city center on the departures that run via Omagata and Nordlandet Sundbåtkai. This will apply until the spring/summer of 2022.

Passenger with COVID-19 on bus line 901 between Gjøra and Oppdal 31.10, departure 19.25 from Gjøra


We have been notified that a passenger on 901 FRAM Ekspress Kristiansund - Oppdal, departure 19.25 from Gjøra (16.40 from Kristiansund) has tested positive for COVID-19.

FerryVolda-Folkestad: change in timetable from 15th November


From Monday 15th November you can catch the ferry from Volda to Folkestad if you arrive by the last plane from Oslo.

Ålesund/Magerholm: adjustment on bus line 622 from 8th November


From Monday 8th November the current 06.45 departure from Magerholm will have new departure time 06.35.

Route 33 Molde-Vestnes: changes in night departures in the period 8th - 20th November


In the period 8th-20th November there will be changes in the night departures for ferry route 33 Molde-Vestnes. Note that there are different changes in the period 8th-14th November (week 45) and 15th-20th November (week 46).

Ålesund/Flisnes: Alternative bus route from 3rd November 19.20 until 4th November 06.00


Due to roadworks at Flisnesbakken, the road will be closed from 19.20 Wednesday evening (3rd November) until 06.00 Thursday 4th November.

FRAM app for iPhone updated - improved reading of QR code


A new version of the FRAM app for iPhone will be available shortly. Version will be distributed in phases. Some users will have access to the update today (Monday 1st November), some tomorrow, and by Thursday the update will be available for all user. 

Problem with card payment in FRAM app and web shop solved


The problem with card payment in the FRAM mobile app and web shop was solved at 10.44.

Problem with payment in the FRAM app and FRAM web shop


Monday morning (01.11.21) we have received reports about problems with card payment in the FRAM app and the FRAM web shop.

Slinningen: alternative route for bus for approx. 4 weeks from 8th November


Because of road works, Kaptein LInges ved will be closed for buses from Monday 8th November for approx. 4 weeks. (Changed from 3 to 4 weeks 3rd November.)

Route 512 Averøy-Eide-Elnesvågen: Changes to the route from 1 November


As of Monday 1 November 2021, there will be the following changes on route 512 Averøy-Eide-Elnesvågen:

Kristiansund: Routes 801, 812 and 821 will run Verkstedveien as long as Algeaveien is closed


The buses on routes 801, 812 and 821 in Kristiansund began to run Verkstedveien when the road work with Algeaveien started on Monday 18 October 2021. The departures that run via Nordlandet Sundbåtkai will drive Verkstedveien out of the city center. In the other direction, the buses continue to run as before as long as Algeaveien is closed in one direction.

The real-time information for the ferries and express boats will be unavailable the night of 22 October


Due to an upgrade of the infrastructure to the supplier between Thursday 21.10.21 at 22 and Friday 22.10.21 at 02, the real-time information for the ferries and express boats will be unavailable during this period.

Molde: On October 8, there will be a detour for buses on routes 705 and 706


Due to road work on the road section Moldelivegen-Langmyrvegen on Friday 8 October, 2021 there will be a detour for the buses on the routes:

Route 705 Sentrum-Glomstua

Between 11.00 and 17.00, the buses run Øvre vei, Parkvegen, Glomstuvegen and Bekkevollvegen to Sellanrå and continue on the normal route.

Route 706 Granlia-Træffhuset

Between 08.30 and 11.00, the buses run Langmyrvegen, Fjellbruvegen, Moldelivegen to Sellanrå and to the city via Parkvegen.

Route 706 Granlia-Træffhuset

Between 11.00 and 17.00, the buses run Sollivegen to the tunnel, Sellanrå and to the city center via Parkvegen.

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