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Kristiansund: Verkstedveien closed due to roadworks from 20 September – affects bus traffic


In the period 20th September to and including 3rd October, line 807 will not go to Nordlandet.

Bus lines 801, 812 and 821 will drive as scheduled.

Route 902 FRAM Express Surnadal-Molde: Changes from Monday 20 September and for three weeks


From and including Monday 20 September 2021 and for three weeks, there will be a change on the last departure to 902 FRAM Express Molde-Surnadal in each direction.

Route 46 Kvanne-Rykkjem: Canceled departures from Monday 20 September and for three weeks


From Monday 20 September 2021, there will be canceled departures from kl. 21.15 and the rest of the evening for three weeks. The exception is Saturday evening/Sunday night when 46 Kvanne-Rykkjem will go as normal.

Local corona regulations in Ålesund and Sula not prolonged


The local regulations in Ålesund and Sula that included a face mask mandate on public transport will not be prolonged after midnight 13th September.

Cancellled departures between Volda and Norfjordeid evening of Thursday 16 September


There will be a safety drill at E39 Rotsethorntunnellen Thursday 16th September from 19.00 until 22.30.

Ålesund: Ålesund Maraton 18 September – alternative bus route in the town centre


Ålesund Maraton takes place Saturday 18th September. This means that St Olavs plass and Notenesgata in direction west will be closed from 08.00 to 16.00. The buses in the town centre will drive an alternative route via Kipervikgata.

Storbakken: The stop in the direction of the Freifjord tunnel will be closed in the period from 14 September to 20 September


The stop at Storbakken for the buses in the direction of the Freifjord tunnel will be closed in the period from and including Tuesday 14 September to and including Monday 20 September 2021. The closure will take place due to improvements to the stop.

Ålesund and Sula: face mask mandate prolonged


The municipalities Ålesund and Sula have decided to prolong the local corona regulations for one week, until 13th September 2021.

Ferry route 14 Stranda-Liabygda: Departures from Stranda at 19.30 and Liabygda at 19.45 will be canceled on 7 September


The cancellations of the ferry departures are due to fire drills Møre and Romsdal County Authority and the emergency services will have in the Ringsett tunnel at Liabygda ferry quay on Tuesday 7 September.

Kristiansund - linj 807: bus stop Bendixens gate not serviced during roadworks


Due to roadworks in Politimester Bendixens gate the bus stop Bendixens gate will not be serviced as long as the work goes on.

Kristiansund - line 807: morning departure adjusted from 6 September


Changes in school transport means there will be an adjustment on line 807 Nordlandet-Innlandet-Øvre bydel.

Kristiansund: School transport from Innlandet reverts to schedule from last academic year from 6 September


The changes in the school transport schedule from Innlandet to Atlanten ungdomsskole and Atlanten vidaregåande skole that was implemented from the start of this academic year, has unfortunately not worked out as intended. From Monday 6th September, the schedule will revert to the schedule that was used the previous academic year.

Mask mandate on public transport to/from Trondheim


Trondheim municipality has implemented a mask mandate for passengers on public transport in Trondheim. 

This means that all travellers with FRAM bus line 905 Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund-Trondheim must wear a mask in Trondheim municipality. 

Ferry 01 Larsnes-Åram-Voksa-Kvamsøya: timetable adjusted from 30 August


To correspond with school transport, there will be some adjustments on the Larsnes-Åram-Voksa-Kvamsøya ferry route from Monday 30th August.

Ålesund, Sula, Giske: face mask mandate on public transport


Due to the high infection rate in Ålesund using a face mask on public transport is mandatory from today, 24th August in Ålesund, Sula and Giske municipalities and trips in and out of these municipalities.

Kristiansund: Nergata closed until 26.08 - bus stops not serviced


Nergata will be closed at least until and including Wednesday 25th August. Because of the closure, the buses must drive an altenative route and some bus stops will not be serviced as long as Nergata is closed.

Kristiansund town centre: roads closed Saturday 28th August – alternative bus routes


Saturday 28th August, Bilen og motorsykkelens dag (the day of cars and motorcycles) will take place in Kristiansund town centre and some streets will be fully or partly closed parts of the day. This affect the bus service.

Aure centre closed for traffic 20 August 16.00-20.00 - alternative arrival/start spot for buses


In connection with "Toppidrettsuka" Aure centre will be closed for all traffic Saturday 20th August in the period 16.00-20.00. This affects the bus service.

Changes in bus services in several areas in the county from 23 and 30 August 2021


In connection with the start of the school term there will be changes in the bus services several places in Møre and Romsdal. The major changes are described below.

In addition to the changes listed here, there might be minor adjustments that are not described.

The travel planner on the web site and in the FRAM app shows updated travel information. You find updated timetables in PDF format under Timetables.

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