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Ålesund: Vestre Olsvikveg open again from Tuesday 20th April - normal buss route


Ålesund municipality have announced that Vestre Olsvikveg will be reopened for normal traffic from Tuesday morning (20th April).

Updated 13.04: Still some operational problems with the FRAM app


We have previously announced that the problems with card payments in the FRAM app has been solved. However, we still have some operational problems with the FRAM app.

No strike in the transport sector - public transport services run as normal


The parties reached an agreement on Sunday so there will be no strike in the tranport sector.

Risk of strike in the transport sector from Sunday 11th April


If the parties do not reach an agreement, employees in the transport sector can be taken out in strike from Sunday 11th April. This will affect the bus and ferry services in Møre and Romsdal as described below.

Planned work at Kvanne ferry quay postponed - earliest start of work is end of June


The contractor that was hired to do some work along the stone filling has not arrived with equipment and work force as agreed, and Møre and Romsdal county authority has therefore decided to cancel the contract.

Express boat Hareid-Valderøya-Ålesund: reduced capacity Thursday and Friday


Due to service/maintenance, MS Godøy is replaced by MS Valderøy Thursday 8th April and Friday 9th April.

Problem with card payment solved - update the FRAM app


The problem with card payment in the FRAM app has been solved. It appears that the problem only applied to iOS users (iPhone).

Line 532 - departure 7.10 from Elnesvågen: passing times adjusted


For the 7.10 departure for line 532 Elnesvågen-Molde, the passing times between Kviltorp and Molde ferry quay have been adjusted.

Reinforcement of Kvanne ferry quay starts Tuesday 6 April - ferry and bus traffic affected


Tuesday 6th April Møre and Romsdal county authority starts reinforcement work at Kvanne ferry quay. For five weeks work will go on almost 24 hours a day to stabilise the rock filling and protect the sea bed against deterioation. This will affect ferry and bus departures.

Problems with card payment in the FRAM app


Monday morning (29/03) we have received reports about problems with card payment in the FRAM app. In the step for verfication with BankID/CVC the users get an error message. This seems to apply to all card payments. Payments with Vipps seems to be possible without problems.

Vestnes/Rauma: adjustments on several bus lines from 1 April


There will be minor adjustments on sevveral bus lines in Vestnes and Rauma from 1st April.

Closed front doors on buses in Fjord kommune


Following a requirement from the safety officer for the bus drivers in the area, the front doors of buses in Fjord municipality will be closed with effect from today, 25th March.

Recommended to use face mask on all public transport


FRAM recommends that all passengers use a face mask on public transport and that the face mask is kept on during the entire trip. This also apply to municipalities where the use of a face mask is not mandated, and apply to buses, express boats and ferries.

Several municipalities mandates the use of face masks on public transport


Municipalities near Ålesund follows Ålesund municipality and mandate the use of face masks on public transport.

Rise in infection in Ålesund – preventive measures implemented for public transport


As a consequence of the rise in corona infection in Ålesund, the chief medical officer has asked for additional preventive measures for public transport.

Only the period tickets area are available in the online store


Due to an error in the online store, only the period tickets area are available in the online store right now.

Easter ferry schedules: information updated 18th March


The information about the Easter schedule for ferries have been updated 18th March. You find the updated information about the Easter schedule here.

Informasjonen om påskeruter for ferje er oppdatert 18. mars. Her finn du oppdatert informasjon om påskerutene.

Ferry: route Molde-Vestnes closed during the night Friday-Saturday and Saturday-Sunday


Due to necessary maintenance work the ferry route Molde-Vestnes will be closed from Friday 19th March from approx. 23.00 until Saturday morning approx. 06.30 and from Saturday 20th March approx. 23.00 until Sunday morningapprox. 06.30.

Voluntary passenger registration on FRAM Ekspress and some express boat lines


Møre and Romsdal county authority via FRAM is offering passengers on FRAM Ekspress lines and the longest express boat routes to register as passengers on a bus or boat trip. The service makes infection tracing easier if it is discovered that there have been infected passengers on board the bus or boat. Registration is voluntary.

Line 100/101: adjusted departure from Kristiansund Sunday night from 14th March


Departure from Kristiansund Sunday night on line 100/101 FRAM Ekspress Volda-Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund has been moved ten minutes from 19.20 to 19.10. This adjustments is made due to new ferry times betweeen Molde and Vestnes.

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