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36 Åfarnes-Sølsnes: cancelled from 23 May at 22.00 to 24 May at 05.50


Due to the improvement of the ferry quay at Åfarnes, the departures from Monday 23 May at 22.00 to Tuesday 24 May at 05.50 will be cancelled. The last departure from Sølsnes will be at 21.40 and from Åfarnes at 22.00. The first departure from Sølsnes will be at 05.50 and from Åfarnes at 06.10.

Use a travel planner if you are going to travel by public transport on 17 May


For those of you who will be traveling by public transport on 17 May, use the travel planner on and in the FRAM app to get updated route information.

901 FRAM Ekspress Kristiansund-Oppdal (train bus): change of departure in the period 18 to 27 May


Due to changes for the trains (bus for train), the departure for 901 FRAM Ekspress Kristiansund-Oppdal (train bus) at 08.30 from Sunndalsøra will be moved forward by ten minutes, to kl. 08.20, from and including Wednesday 18 May and to and including Friday 27 May 2022.

Now you can travel with Beatrice in Kristiansund


Today and until the last week of June, the bus that runs on route 807 Nordlandet-Innlandet-Øvre Bydel during the day (with some exceptions) will be pink, just like Beatrice.

Kristiansund: From 13 May the bus on routes 803 and 807 will be pink on some departures


We want to make the public aware that if you are traveling with routes 803 Karihola-Idrettsparken or 807 Nordlandet-Innlandet-Øvre Bydel in Kristiansund on Friday 13 May 2022 and for a period ahead, the bus on the departure you are traveling with may be pink.

Vestnes: detour for the buses when Kataholmen is closed on 12 May from 10


In connection with road work, Kataholmen on Vestnes will be closed on Thursday 12 May 2022 from 10 and throughout the day. During the period of closure, the buses will not run to Vestnes center, but use Sjøgata and Kaigata for boarding and disembarking.

36 Kvanne-Rykkjem: different timetable in the period 9.-29. May


In the period 9.-29. May 2022, when the ferry quays on the Kvanne-Rykkjem connection are rebuilt for electric ferries, there will be a different timetable. Some bus routes are also affected by the construction work.

Myrland/Blindheim: Road works in Tverrvegen – alternative bus route from 5th May 2022


Tverrvegen will be closed for a period from 5th May due to road works.

Ålesund: Bus stop Blixvalen closed 4th May 2022


Due to works with the pavement at Blixvalen, the Blixvalen bus stop will be closed Wednesday 4th May. 

Schedule changes from 1 May and reduced public transport service on public holidays in May and June


From 1 May 2022, there will be changes to some of the routes in the public transport service. On public holidays in May and June, there is a reduced public transport service.

Kristiansund: possible delays at the bus parking space in the city center on 3 May


Due to excavation activity at the bus parking space in the city center of Kristiansund (by the old Kristiansund traffic terminal), there may be delays for the buses on 3 May 2022.

901 FRAM Ekspress Kristiansund-Oppdal (togbuss): korrespondanse på Oppdal togstasjon 18.-27. mai


På grunn av at Dovrebanen blir heilt eller delvis stengd mellom Oslo S og Dombås/Trondheim S i perioden mellom onsdag 18. og 27. mai 2022, vil korrespondansen på to avgangar til 901 FRAM Ekspress Kristiansund-Oppdal bli påverka når buss vil køyre for tog på stengde strekningar.

Route changes due to filming in Molde 28 and 29 April


On Thursday 28 and Friday 29 April 2022 at 17 and until the end of the day/evening (until 23.30) there will be route changes due to filming in the center of Molde. All bus traffic during the periods are affected by the filming.

420 FRAM Ekspress Åndalsnes-Molde (train bus): route changes from 1 May


As of 1 May 2022, some changes will be made to when route 420 FRAM Ekspress Åndalsnes-Molde (train bus) drives by Molde Airport (Årø) when needed.

Volda: roadworks at Engesetvegen delayed - buses drive current route until 24th June 2022


The works at Engesetvegen will not be completed according to schedule. Therefore, the buses will continue to drive the alternative route until 24th June.

812 Kristiansund sentrum-Godhaugen-Storbakken-Flatøy: route changes from 1 May


From 1 May 2022, there will be some changes for route 812 Kristiansund sentrum-Godhaugen-Storbakken-Flatøy on Saturdays and Sundays.

Sula-Ålesund - bus line 440: morning departure adjusted from 1st May 2022


From 1st Mai the departure from Lerheimskaia that currently departs 07.05 will have new departure time 07.00. This applies on school days.

Bus lines 250 and 260: minor adjustments from 1st May 2022


There will be a couple of minor adjustments on the timetables for bus lines 250 Ålesund-Sykkylven-Stranda-Hellesylt-Stryn and 260 Sykkylven-Straumgjerde-Ikornnes-Hundeidvika from 1st May.

Ålesund – bus line 601: departures towards Moa driven by leddbuss must drive «Innfartsvegen»


In connection with the closure of Røysegata some minor road works necessary to allow articulated buses (leddbuss) to drive the alternative driving route is delayed. This means that the articulated buses cannot use the alternative route planned but have to drive “Innfartsvegen” (E39). For this reason, some bus stops will not be served by departures driven by articulated buses.

Bus 233 Nogva-Haram-Austnes: departure 15.25 moved to15.20 from 29th March


From Tuesday 29th March 2022 there will be a minor adjustment to one of the afternoon departures on bus line 233 Nogva-Haram-Austnes.

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