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Line 905 : adjustment from 13 January 2021


There will be an adjustment for two departures on line 905 Molde-Kristiansund-Trondheim from Wednesday 13th January 2021.

Kviltorpvegen closed Thursday14 January from 18.00 - line 701 will drive alternative route


Because of a leakage in a water pipe, Kviltorpvegen will be closed from 18.00 Thursday 14th January and for the rest of the day.

Bus stop Sveggenkrysset renamed to Atlanterhavstunnelen from 18 January


The bus stop which today is named Sveggenkrysset in FRAM's travel planner and in the FRAM app will from 18th January 2021 be named Atlanterhavstunnelen. This way, the bus stop name will correspond to the name on the bus stop shelter.

Adjusments for bus lines 310, 330, 332 og 338 from 11 January 2021


There will be some small adjustments on bus lines 310 Åheim-Årvik-Garnes-Hareid, 330 Fosnavåg-Ulsteinvik-Hareid, 332 Nerlandsøya-Eggesbønes and 338 Volda-Ørsta-Ulsteinvik from 11 January 2021.

Ellingsøya: Normal route for lines 673 and 674 from 5th January


The most critical spots along Sperre øst gamlevegen and Bjørgekrysset have now been celared of low-hanging vegetation.

Updated 16.02: Face mask recommended/mandated in some municipalities, front doors closed Trondheim-Orkanger


The front doors are open on most bus lines, except the distance between Trondheim and Orkanger. Some municipalities recommend or mandate the use of a face mask.

We ask our travellers to keep informed about local measures/advice/mandates i your municipalities and municipalities you travel through.

Alternative route for bus lines 673 and 674 on Ellingsøya from 1 January


From 1st January, bus lines 673 Ålesund-Ellingsøya and 674 Ellingsøya-Ålesund will drive an alternative route on Ellingsøya. The buses will drive the county road instead of the municipal road between Bjørgekrysset and Myklebust.

Updated 04.01: Closed front doors on FRAM Ekspress lines 901, 902 and 905


Due to the COVID-19 situation both in Kristiansund and Trondheim, the front doors of FRAM Ekspress lines 901, 902 and 905 will be closed from today, 29th December, until 11th January.

Improved public bus service in Ålesund, Sula and Giske


Faster buses, more departures, more space and better for the environment. There will be several improvements in the public bus service when the new tender period for bus starts in Ålesund, Sula and Giske 1 January 2021.

It is Vy Buss, who also drive in the contract area today, who have won the tender. However, there are some improvements both concerning bus material and the bus schedules.

Updated 04.01: Front doors closed in Nordmøre and line 100 - use of face mask recommended in Kristiansund


Du to the COVID-19 situation, the front doors of the buses in Kristiansund, Averøy, Aure and Smøla will be closed until 11th January. The same applies to line 100 between Kristiansund and Ålesund.

Reduced public transport service at Christmas and changes in the route schedule from 1 January


The public transport service at Christmas

At Christmas, there is a reduced public transport offer due to public holidays and Christmas holidays. You can use the travel planner on and the FRAM app to search for the scheduled service at Christmas. In the FRAM app, you can also easily buy the ticket for the buses and express boats with your mobile phone. Here you can find the timetable for Christmas in pdf format. Or you can call FRAM Customer Centre on telephone +47 71 28 01 00 if you have a question about the public transport service.

At Christmas the opening hours for the Customer Centre are shorter. You can find the openings hours for FRAM Customer Centre at Christmas here.

Note! Subject to the routes being changed again before Christmas.

Bus passenger on line 905 14.12.20 confirmed with COVID-19


The person who has been confirmed infected with COVID-19 was a passanger on FRAM Ekspress line 905 departure at 13.05 from Trondheim S to Kristiansund.

Travellers on this departure should be extra vigilant and contact the local infection control office or order a test if they have any symptoms.

On-board fee for tickets bought on board buses and express boats from 1 January 2021


FRAM want bus and express boat passengers to buy their single tickets in advance. Therefore, single tickets bought on board using cash or bank cards (debit cards) will have an additional fee from 1 January 2021.

Express boat route Molde-Vestnes-Sekken discontinued from 1 January


From 1 January 2021, the express boat route 39 Molde-Vestnes-Sekken will be discontinued. 

New rate regulations and ticket types and prices for buses and express boats from 1st January 2021


Monday 9th November the Transport Committee (samferdselsutvalet) in Møre og Romsdal decided on the rate regulations and ticketing principles that will apply for FRAM's buses and express boats from 1st January 2021. These are the most important changes:

Ålesund first with electric buses


Møre and Romsdal county authority will start using the first ten electric buses in our country in Ålesund from 1st January next year.

No travel zone price increase on FRAM ferries


The County Council has passed a decision that there will be no travel zone price increase on county road ferries in Møre and Romsdal from 1 January 2021.

Strike ended - information kiosk at Moa traffic terminal will be open as scheduled


The strike among security personnel has ended and the information kiosk at Moa traffic terminal will be manned according to the scheduled opening hours.

Front doors on buses in Molde open from 1st December


After having been closed from 21st November, the front doors on he city buses in Molde (lines 701, 702, 703, 705, 706) and line 714 Hjelset-Kleive will reopen Tuesday 1st December.

Bus stop at Furneset ferry quay will be removed 7th December


From Monday 7th December it will no longer be possible to leave or enter FRAM Ekspress 100/101 towards Ålesund/Volda at Furneset ferry quay. Passengers must leave or enter the bus on the ferry before it arrives at Furneset. The first stop after Furneset ferry quay for FRAM Ekspress 100/101 in the direction of Ålesund is Furneskrysset.

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