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Ă…lesund: Vestre Olsvikveg closed again from Wednesday 24 February

Ă…lesund municipality need to close Vestre Olsvikveg again from Wednesday 24th February for approximately 1 month. This means that buses must follow an alternative route as long as the road is closed.

Line 648 Olsvikruta

Line 648 will drive down by Bertel O. Steen towards Biltilsynet where the start and stop point for the route will be.

Unfortunately, this means that a greater part of Olsvika will not be serviced in the periode that Vestre Olsvikveg is closed.

School buses to/from the schools in Spjelkavik

No buses can pass the place where the road is closed, so there will also be changes for the school buses to/from the schools in Spjelkavik.

  • Bus 1 starts at Bingsa Industrifelt
  • Bus 2 starts at Olsvik barnehage
  • Bus 3 starts at Biltilsynet

This means that from tomorrow morning (Wednesday 24th February) and for approx. a month, the students must walk either to Olsvik Barnehage or to Biltilsynet to take the bus.

On the return from the primary school (barneskolen) both buses will go via Bingsa and Olsvik barnehage.

The public bus (and the school bus from secondary school (ungdomsskolen) will end and start at Biltilsynet.

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