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Adjustments on lines 101/100 Volda-Ålesund-Volda, 210 and 310 from 1 March

From Monday 1st March there will be some minor adjustments on line 101/100 FRAM Ekspress between Volda and Ålesund, line 210 Valldal-Sjøholt-Ålesund and line 310 Åheim-Årvik-Garnes-Hareid.

101/100 FRAM Ekspress Volda-Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund

The adjustments apply on Sundays.

Departures from Volda 17.35 and 18.35 have ended at Ålesund sjukehus (Ålesund hospital). These departures will now now end at Moa.

Departure from Ålesund sjukehus (Ålesund hospital) towards Volda 19.15 and 20.15 will no longer start at the hospital. These departures will start at Moa 19.25 and 20.25.

Departure from Moa towards Volda 22.55 has been changed to start at Ålesund rutebilstasjon (Ålesund traffic terminal) 22.30. The departure time from Moa will remain the same.

210 Valldal-Sjøholt-Ålesund

The departures from Valldal 13.45 and 15.50 on Saturdays will not drive via Lande.

310 Åheim-Årvik-Garnes-Hareid

For the departure from Ålesund sjukehus 11.15 there will be a five minute adjustment to the departures times from Moa (new departure time 11.25) and Mauseidvåg (new departure time 11.40).

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