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Alternative route for bus lines 673 and 674 on Ellingsøya from 1 January

From 1st January, bus lines 673 Ålesund-Ellingsøya and 674 Ellingsøya-Ålesund will drive an alternative route on Ellingsøya. The buses will drive the county road instead of the municipal road between Bjørgekrysset and Myklebust.

At Vik school the bus in the direction towards Stokke will drive on to the school area so that the school children will not have to cross the county road to take the bus.

The route change is made because there are thick branches of trees that hit the bus on both sides when in traffic several places along the route. This makes it unsafe to drive.

The normal route goes on a municipal road and Ålesund municipality has been notified about the situation. If the situation is rectified, the bus can resume its normal route.

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