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Corona. Important information about the public transport service, capacity and ticketing

Due to the corona situation, FRAM has implemented measures to prevent infection during trips with public transport. We ask all travellers to help reduce the risk of infection when travelling with public transport by following the guidelines issued by the government and to keep informed about local measures/advice/mandates i your municipalities and municipalities you travel through.

Practical information

Avoid public transport if you can, especially during peak hours. For short tips we recommend that you walk or use a bicycle.

If you travel with public transport, we ask you to follow these guidelines:

  • Do not use public transport if you are ill, may be infected or are in a group with increased risk of complications.
  • Keep 1 metre distance to other travellers when you are waiting for the bus or express boat.
  • Do not spend more time than necessary next to the driver.
  • Follow the marking on the floor to ensure the required distance to the driver.
  • Let people off the bus before you enter.
  • Avoid physical contact.
  • Avoid touching equipment on board if not necessary.
  • Use a paper tissue or a flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze.
  • Follow the advice given by the authorities and be considerate of other travellers.
  • Always have a valid ticket when travelling on public transport.

Cleaning on board

Cleaning is done several times a day with special focus on contact points such as handles, seat belts and stop buttons.

Many people have to use public transport. Therefore, it is important that everyone who travels shows consideration for fellow travellers and follow all the infection prevention advice given by the authorities.

Capacity on board

On most of our departures there is plenty of space, but we have been receiving feedback about some departures being very full. This applies for example to some departures in the towns, where there have been many standing passengers and for some express bus departures that some passengers feel have been crowded.

On our busses, we now allow that all seats may be used, with the exception of the first seats up front. On buses with standing places, these can also be used.
When the bus is full, we will provide a second bus if possible.

We ask all passengers to be considerate of fellow travellers, making it safe to travel even if all seats are in use. It is not allowed to refuse another passenger to take the seat next to you when there are few seats available.

Everyone travelling with public transport has a responsibility to ensure that the infection prevention guidelines are followed both when you wait for the bus or express boat and on board. Please follow the guidelines provided by the authorities.

Use of face mask on public transport

The current national guidelines from the authorities do not include a general recommendation to use a face mask. However, several municipalities redommends the use of a face mask in situations where it is not possible to keep a minimum of 1 meter distance. This also apply when travelling on public tansport.

FRAM ask everyone travelling on public transport to keep informed about any local regulations in the municipalities your travel in or through. If you travel from a municipality where the use of a face mask is mandatory or recommended, you should wear the face mask during the entire trip. The same apply if you are travelling to a municipality with stricter rules than the one you are travelling from.

As a passenger, you may of course choose to use a face mask even if it is not recommended or mandatory.

Note! The face mask mandate does not apply to children under 12 years old and other people who cannot wear a face mask for medical reasons.

The buses

Closed front doors

The front doors of buses may be closed in areas/periods with a high infection rate.

Closed front doors means that it is not possible to buy a ticket from the driver.

As of 9th August 2021, the front doors are open on all FRAM buses.

Ticketing on buses

It is possible to pay with a bank card, use a travelcard and register tickets bought in the FRAM app on the ticket reader at the front of all buses. Payment by SMS is still possible. Valid SMS tickets should be shown to the driver when you enter the bus. To avoid unneccesary contact between travellers it is important that you enter the bus by the front door and leave by the back doors.

We ask everyone who can to buy a ticket before entering the bus. This makes the process on board more efficient, which reduces the risk of infection. You can buy tickets in the FRAM app, in our online store, at the traffic terminals and via SMS. You can refill your travelcard in the online store and at the traffic terminals.

If you require a period ticket and can't use the FRAM app, you can contact FRAM Customer Center (tel 71 28 01 00) for an alterantive solution.

If you do not have a mobile phone, you can buy a corona ticket. You can find information about the corona ticket here.

Note! In some periods the front doors on buses will be closed on bus lines in areas with a high infection rate. When this is the case it is not possible to buy a ticket from the driver or validate your mobile ticket or travel card on the card reader at the front of the bus. It is your responsibility as a passenger to have a valid ticket even when it is not possible to buy one from the driver.

Due to infection control measures, the following apply on board the buses:

  • You still cannot pay cash for your ticket on board.
  • When entering the bus, stop in the stairs or just inside the front door to register your travel card or ticket from the FRAM app using the ticket reader or to pay with a bank card.
  • All passenger must leave the bus via the back doors.
  • The first row of seats is still closed and cannot be used.
  • Do not spend more time than necessary by the driver.
  • Follow the marking on the floor to ensure the required distance to the driver.
  • Follow the guidelines for public transport as well as all infection prevention advice provided the authorities.

Voluntary passenger registration on FRAM Ekspress and some express boat lines

Møre and Romsdal county authority via FRAM is offering passengers on FRAM Ekspress and the longest express boat routes to register as passengers on a bus or boat trip. The service makes infection tracing easier if it is discovered that there have been infected passengers on board the bus or boat. Registration is voluntary. You can read more about this system in this article.

Bus schedules

Buses follow their normal schedules. There are no cancellations due to infection prevention measures.

Use the travel planner on and in the FRAM app to find updated information about schedules.

FRAM customer care centre is available to answer your questions about the public transport schedule on phone number +47 71 28 01 00.

Note! Based on updated guidelines from the national authorities with further normalisation and reduction of infection control measures, Møre and Romsdal County Authority has lifted the distance requirements in public transport from 8 June. You can find information about the background for lifting the distance requirements in public transport here.

Express boats

The express boats follow their normal schedules. There are no cancellations due to infection prevention measures.

It is not possible to pay with cash on the express boats. Use the FRAM app, periode tickets, travel cards or bank cards (debit/credit cards).


The ferries follow their normal schedules. There are no cancellations due to infection prevention measures.

Ticketing takes place via number plate recognition. There is no manual payment to the personnel on board. This applies to all ferries run by Møre and Romsdal county authority until further notice. You can find more information about ticketing and prices for the ferries run by the county authority here.

The traffic terminals

Until further notice, the expeditions at the traffic terminal have the following opening hours (Monday – Friday):

Molde 08.00-16.00

Kristiansund 08.00-16.00

Moa 09.00-16.00

FRAM Customer Centre
Telephone +47 71 28 01 00

Org. number
944 183 779

Opening hours
Weekday 08.00-21.00
Saturday 09.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00-21.00