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Expanded public transport at Midsundfestivalen (updated)

In connection with Midsundfestivalen, there will be an expanded public transport service by bus and ferry night to Saturday and Sunday 16 and 17 July 2022.


Departure from Midsund center at 01.50 towards Solholmen ferry quay via Tangen. The return will be driven from Solholmen ferry quay via Heggdal.

Departure from Midsund center at 02.50 towards Midøya via Dryna.


Departure from Solholmen ferry quay at 02.30 to Mordalsvågen ferry quay.

Buy a ticket in advance

We ask that as many people as possible buy a ticket for the bus in advance. Here you can buy tickets for the buses from Midsundfestivalen in advance.

Note that not all information included with the ticket is relevant, since we use the solution intended for our Travel like the locals tours.

Keep the ticket ready when you board, and use the door at the back if you have bought a ticket in advance.

Or you can buy a ticket on board the bus with a bank card. Keep the card ready when you board, and use the door in front near the driver.

The price for the ticket will be 125 kroner.

Arrive well in advance

Note! Due to the correspondence with the ferry, it is important that all travelers arrive well before departure at 01.50.

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