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Expanded public transport service during Moldejazz

FRAM will have an expanded public transport service during Moldejazz as in previous years. There will be extra departures both during the day, evening and night in week 29.

In order for the audience to get safely to and from the festival during jazz week, we add extra departures by bus and ferry, both day, evening and night. The ticket price for the night bus is the same as during the day.

This is the expanded service: 

  • Night departures for lines 701 to Årølia, 701 to Djupdalen and 702 to Nordbyen all week.
  • Lines 714 to Hjelset/Kleive, 420 to Sølsnes, 510 to Eide/Vevang, 531 to Jendem, Hollingsholm, Mordalsvågen and Malmeskiftet, and 532 to Elnesvågen and Bud/Farstad will run night to Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Extra departures to Molde city center in the evening.
  • For the ferries 1058 Solholmen-Mordalsvågen and 1059 Aukra-Hollingsholmen, there will be an expanded service with departures night to Saturday and Sunday in correspondence with bus line 531.

In addition, the ordinary departures will run during the festival.

Changed driving pattern in the city center

Due to the concerts in Alexandraparken and people in the road, the buses do not run past Scandic Hotel Alexandra or Thon Hotel Moldefjord that week. The buses coming from the west will run Sandvegen, Øvre veg and Spolertbakken. The buses going west will run Romsdalsgata, Øvre veg and Sandvegen.

The stops Storgata, Alexandraparken, Fylkeshusa and Molde stadion will be closed from Friday 15 July at 18.00 to Sunday 24 July at 18.00.

All departures from the city center will begin at Molde traffic terminal. It is important that you show up well in advance of the departure.

Use the FRAM app or buy a ticket on board

In the FRAM app, you can buy the ticket before boarding the bus. Or you can buy the ticket on board the driver.

We ask that you have the ticket in the FRAM app, travel card or bank card ready when you board.

The prices for tickets for the night buses have been lowered since the previous time there was a expanded public transport service during the festival, now you can buy a ticket at the same price as it costs for a single ticket in day time.

It is also possible to use the period ticket you already have on the night bus. Or to buy a ticket for a period of 24 hours or 7 days.

Route information

For timetables and information about the public transport service, use the travel planner online and in the FRAM app, call FRAM Customer Center on telephone 71 28 01 00 or visit Molde traffic terminal.

Here you can find the extra departures under Moldejazz in pdf format.

FRAM Customer Centre
Telephone +47 71 28 01 00

Org. number
944 183 779

Opening hours
Weekday 08.00-21.00
Saturday 09.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00-21.00