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Ferry: Late depatures on route Årvika-Koparneset reinstated from 8 March - adjustments for Larsnes-Åram-Voksa-Kvamsøya

The 23.30 departure from Årvika and 23.45 departure from Koparneset will be reinstated from Monday 8th March. This leads to an adjustment of the departure times for the last departure on the Larsnes-Åram-Voksa-Kvamsøya route.

Updated departure times is available on in the travel planner and under Routes > Ferry and in the FRAM mobile app.

Improved service for four ferry routes

The transport committee of Møre and Romsdal county authority has decided that the NOK 5,273 mill. additional support from the state for electric ferries will be used for more departures on four ferry routes in Møre and Romsdal in 2021.

As the financial support is aimed at electric ferry operation, the amount is used to reverse cuts in routes that have or will have electric ferries. Traffic load, traffic pattern and community value are factors that have been part of the decision making process.

The additional state support only appy for 2021. If the changes are to continue after 2021, they have to be included in future budgets and financial plans.

I addition to the changes on the Årvika-Koparneset route, there will be improved service on the following routes:

Route 06 Hareid-Sulesund

The C ferry will be reinstated for six weeks during the summer.

Route 31 Aukra-Hollingsholmen

The 13.15 departure from Hollingsholmen 13.15 and from Aukra 13.30 has already been reinstated.

Route 36 Sølsnes-Åfarnes

The period with two ferries on Saturdays and Sundays will be prolonged from 3 months to 8 months in 2021.

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