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Improved public bus service in Ålesund, Sula and Giske

Faster buses, more departures, more space and better for the environment. There will be several improvements in the public bus service when the new tender period for bus starts in Ålesund, Sula and Giske 1 January 2021.

It is Vy Buss, who also drive in the contract area today, who have won the tender. However, there are some improvements both concerning bus material and the bus schedules.

Less emission and less noise

Ten electric buses will primarily be used on the route Hessa-Ålesund town centre-Moa-Magerholm. This gives reduced greenhouse gas emissions and less noise both inside and outside the bus.

Double capacity with articulated buses

Three new articulated buses will double the capacity on the departures where they are used, without the need for more buses. The articulated buses will primarily be used between Ålesund town centre and Moa, via Borgundvegen, where there are very many travellers.

Higher motor capacity through the tunnels

The new contract requires that the buses that will go through the Ålesund tunnels and the Godøy tunnel must have higher motor capacity so that the buses can keep the speed in the upward slopes in the three tunnels.

Seat belts in all buses

From 1 January 2021 there will be seat belts in all buses, also the city buses. This is not required by law, but our travellers have requested seat belts also in the city buses. Therefore, FRAM has entered this as an additional requirement in the contract to make the bus trip even safer. On the first four seat rows, the seat belts have extra length, so that everyone can find a seat belt that they can use.

Faster city bus in Ålesund

På bybussane i Ålesund blir det no mogleg å gå på bussen både igjennom fram- og bakdøra  og det blir billettlesarar både framme og bak i bussen. Da går det fortare å få folk på og av bussen og han kjem raskare fram. Dei som skal kjøpe billett hos sjåfør, må framleis gå på framme.

Easy to charge your mobile phone on the bus

The new buses have a USB charging point on every seat row. This makes it easy for the passengers to charge their mobile phone during their trip. When the ticket is digital, you as a passenger are responsible for having power on your phone if there is a ticket control.

Schedule adjustments

  • The rush time period is extended by 2,5 hours daily and is now set to 07.00-09.00 in the morning and 13.30-17.30 in the afternoon. This means a longer period with more frequent departures.
  • The number of departures is doubled during the rush hour period for «Ekspressen», line 631 Ålesund-Lerstad-Magerholm and 632 Magerholm-Lerstad-Ålesund. This means departures every 10 minutes between Flisnes and Ålesund town centre.  
  • Line 633 Akvarium-Sentrum-Lerstad-Moa and 634 Moa-Lerstad-Sentrum-Akvarium also get double frequency in the rush hour period, which means departures every 30 minutes.  
  • A frequency increase in the rush hour period between Moa and Myrland, means departures every 20 minutes, compared to every 30 minutes before the new year.
  • Line 603 Slinningsodden-Flisnes and line 605 Sævollen-Myrland will from1 January 2021 be integrated in line 601 Hessa-Magerholm. 
  • Line 604 Flisnes-Sævollen and line 606 Myrland-Slinningsodden will from 1 January 2021 be integrated in line 602 Magerholm-Hessa. 
  • Some lines that have been for school transport only in the morning will now be ordinary bus routes, open to all travellers. This gives more departures available for all and frees up “route kilometres” that can be used to increase the total number of departures. The changes will impact the schools Spjelkavik ungdomsskule, Kolvikbakken ungdomsskule, Spjelkavik vidaregåande skule and Borgund vidaregåande skule. 
  • The bus stop Åsestranda in direction east will be closed as it is not possible to adapt it to articulated buses. The nearest stop is Ytreberg, 260 m towards west. To Åse vest it is 305 metres towards east. The stop will still be used in direction west (towards the town centre).

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