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Planned work at Kvanne ferry quay postponed - earliest start of work is end of June

The contractor that was hired to do some work along the stone filling has not arrived with equipment and work force as agreed, and Møre and Romsdal county authority has therefore decided to cancel the contract.

The work needed to be done in April in order to avoid conflict with the breeding time for the birds in the area and the fish in the river Søya. There is not sufficient time to get a new contractor in place and get the work done in the time available. Therefore, the work will now start at the end of June at the earliest, when it is possible to work at the quay without consequences for the bird life and fish population.

This means that the ferry and the buses will go according to the normal schedule until a new contractor starts the work. The quay and fillings will be inspected by divers on a regular basis until construction work commences. At Rykkjem, the upgrade of the auxiliary quay progresses according to schedule. This work has no impact on the ferry traffic. 

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