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Rauma/Vestnes: minor adjustements on some bus lines from 18 January

There will be some minor adjustments on bus lines 245, 247, 429, 482 og 483 from 18th January 2021. The reasons for the adjustments are some challenges with catching the ferry at Furneset and name changes for some bus stops.

Names changes for two bus stops

  • The bus stop "Vikebukt hurtigbåtkai" changes name to "Vikebukt".
  • The bus stop "Gjermundnes Landbruksskule" changes name to "Gjermundnes vgs".

Line 245 Rekdal-Vestnes

  • Departure from Vestnes hurtigbåtkai 14.45 to Rekdal via Furneset will have new departure time 14.55 from Vestnes hurtigbåtkai and 15.05 from Furneset ferjekai. Departure times later on the route will be 15 minutes later than before 18th January.
  • Departure from Rekdal 07.40 wills top at Furneskrysset for exiting only at 08.15. Arrival time at Vestnes hurtigbåtkai 08.21. Correspondence with FRAM Ekspress at Furneskrysset.

Line 247 Vestnes-Vikebukt-Tresfjord-Vestnes

  • Departure from Vikebukt 05.45 to Furneset will depart 5 minutes earlier, at 05.40.

Line 429 Rødven-Lerheim

  • The bus will only be in operation on school days. 

Line 482 Åndalsnes-Vestnes

  • Bus stop names changed, as described above.

Line 483 Åndalsnes-Bjorli

  • Departure from Bjørnekleiva 07.55 on Fridays that are school days is moved to 07.45. Departure from Verma is moved from 08.00 to 07.55. Departure from 08.00 is also moved 5 minutes to 07.55 Monday-Thursday when there is school.

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