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Several municipalities mandates the use of face masks on public transport

Municipalities near Ålesund follows Ålesund municipality and mandate the use of face masks on public transport.

  • Sykkylven municipalitiy has implemented the same regulations as Ålesund municipality.
  • The municipalities Herøy and Ulstein asks travelers to/from Ålesund to use a face mask on trips where it is not possible to keep a minimum of 1 m distance.
  • Fjord 1 has a face mask mandate in the passenger areas of the routes Festøya-Hundeidvik and Ørsneset-Magerholm.

The situation is changing rapidly and we ask our passengers to keep up to date on the measuers implemented in your municipalities and the municipalities you travel through.

You can find an overview of corona measures introduced by FRAM in this article.

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