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Updated 13.04: Still some operational problems with the FRAM app

We have previously announced that the problems with card payments in the FRAM app has been solved. However, we still have some operational problems with the FRAM app.

Unfortunately, we experienced some problems with card payments in the FRAM app before Easter. You can find a description of the problem here.

The problem applied to iOS users (iPhone). The problem has been solved, but for the solution to work you must update your app in App Store, as described in this article.

We still have some issues regarding (daily) spending limits, that especially seems to affect buyers of FRAM Ung/FRAM Student.

You may see that an amount is reserved in your bank account. This amount has not been deducted from your account, and the reservation will be cancelled within a few days.

If you have actually had an amount deducted from your account without getting a ticket, you must fill in and send us a refund form. You find the refund form here.

In addition to the refund form we need documentation that shows that the amount has been deducted. (This can be a picture (screenshot) of your online bank or an account statement in a PDF or on paper.)

If you have questions about this, you may contact FRAM Kundesenter. You find contact information for FRAM Kundesenter here.

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