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Updated 16.02: Face mask recommended/mandated in some municipalities, front doors closed Trondheim-Orkanger

The front doors are open on most bus lines, except the distance between Trondheim and Orkanger. Some municipalities recommend or mandate the use of a face mask.

We ask our travellers to keep informed about local measures/advice/mandates i your municipalities and municipalities you travel through.

Municipalities that recommend the use of face masks on public transport

  • Kristiansund 
  • Averøy 
  • Aure
  • Vestntes 
  • Rauma: recommends using a face mask on school buses
  • Fjord, Strand and Sykkylven: recommends using a face mask on school buses
  • Ålesund, Sula, Giske: recommends using a face mask when it is not possible to keep distance

Municipalities where the use of a face mask on public transport is mandatory

  • Trondheim
  • Heim

FRAM recommend that passengers that travel through municipalities with a face mas mandatge, use the face mask on their entire trip.

The front doors are closed on the distance Trondheim-Orkanger

  • FRAM Ekspress 902 and 905

Closed front doors means that it is not possible to buy a ticket from the driver.

FRAM recommend that all travellers buy their ticket in advance. You can find more information about how to buy a ticket in advance here.

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