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Voluntary passenger registration on FRAM Ekspress and some express boat lines

Møre and Romsdal county authority via FRAM is offering passengers on FRAM Ekspress lines and the longest express boat routes to register as passengers on a bus or boat trip. The service makes infection tracing easier if it is discovered that there have been infected passengers on board the bus or boat. Registration is voluntary.

To register, the passenger sends an SMS to phone number 1901 with the code word FRAM and the ID number for the bus or the name of the boat. The ID number for the bus or the boat name can be found on posters on board. In return, the passenger receives an SMS with link to a registration page.

On the registration page the passenger fills in their name and phone number, unless it is automatically filled in. If several people are travelling together (family/group), it is sufficient that one of the members of the group registers and fills in how many persons are in the family/group.

The information will only be submitted to local health services if there is a need for infection tracing. After ten days the data is deleted.

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