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FRAM Ekspress

For those travelling a long distance in the county the FRAM Ekspress routes can be a simple, modern and safe way to reach a destination. You can relax and spend time doing something other than driving.


  • FRAM Ekspress rute 101/100 Volda-Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund (formerly named TIMEkspressen)
  • FRAM Ekspress rute 420 Molde-Åndalsnes (train bus)
  • FRAM Ekspress rute 681 Ålesund-Åndalsnes (train bus)
  • FRAM Ekspress rute 901 Kristiansund-Oppdal (train bus)
  • FRAM Ekspress rute 902 Molde-Sunndalsøra-Surnadal (Mørelinjen)
  • FRAM Ekspress rute 905 Molde-Kristiansund-Trondheim (Mørelinjen)

You can find the timetables for the FRAM Ekspress service here, you can use the travel planner online, the FRAM app for departures, or call FRAM Customer Centre at telephone +47 71 28 01 00.

The FRAM Ekspress buses are universally designed and the routes have real-time information on board. You can find out about what real-time information is here.

Buying a ticket

For the time being you can buy the ticket in the FRAM app with your mobile phone well as buy the ticket on board the bus from the driver.

Note! The maximum price for Volda-Kristiansund is only possible by buying a ticket from the driver on board route 101/100 FRAM Ekspress Volda-Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund.

Dogs allowed

Travelling with dogs is allowed on the FRAM Ekspress routes. You pay the child ticket fare for dogs, and the owner can buy the ticket from the driver on board. Guide dogs, police dogs and other service dogs on active duty can travel without a separate ticket. A cat in a cage is also allowed on board.

Conditions when travelling with a dog:

  • Passengers with dogs need to sit at the back of the bus
  • If there are allergic passengers on board, the driver may request that a passenger travelling with a dog need to wait for the next departure
  • If there are passengers with a great fear of dogs on board, the driver may request that a passenger travelling with a dog need to wait for the next departure
  • If a dog becomes aggressive towards other passengers, the driver may request that the owner need to leave the bus with the dog

FRAM Customer Centre
Telephone +47 71 28 01 00

Org. number
944 183 779

Opening hours
Weekday 08.00-21.00
Saturday 09.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00-21.00