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Now you can start traveling by public transport as normal again

In conjunction with the revocation of the infection prevention measure rule of keeping 1 meter distance to each other, you can start traveling by public transport as normal again.

Practical information

It is safe to travel by public transport. For short tips we recommend that you walk or use a bicycle.

When you travel by public transport, we still ask you to follow the guidelines below:

  • Do not use the public transport service if you are ill or may be infected with a disease
  • Use the front door to get on the bus and the back door to get off the bus if possible
  • Avoid touching surfaces and equipment on board if not necessary
  • Avoid unnecessary physical contact
  • Have good hygiene, use a flexed elbow or paper if you need to cough or sneeze
  • Follow the advice given by the authorities and be considerate of other travelers
  • Have a valid ticket when traveling by public transport

The capacity on board

All seats can be used again. On buses with standing places, these can also be used.

All public transport passengers have their own responsibility to ensure infection prevention, both before you board and during the trip. And we ask everyone to follow our guidelines for traveling by public transport.

Use of face mask and disinfecting your hands

As a traveler, you can choose to wear a face mask even if there is no recommendation for it nor mandatory. It will be possible to disinfect your hands on board also in the future.

Buy a ticket and use the travel planner

We encourage everyone who can to buy a ticket in advance. This provides the most efficient handling on board, which reduces the risk of infection. You can buy tickets in the FRAM app, through the online store and at the traffic terminals. You can refill your travel card in the online store and at the traffic terminals.

Use the travel planner on and in the FRAM app to find updated information about schedules.

FRAM Customer Center is available to answer your questions about the public transport schedule on +47 71 28 01 00.

The buses

The buses run as normal without cancellations due to infection prevention measures.

You can pay with a bank card and cash, use a travel card and read the ticket purchased in the FRAM app on the ticket readers in the buses.

Note! Payment by text message is possible until 10 October 2021, and you must show a valid text message ticket to the driver when you board.

The express boats

The express boat routes run as normal without cancellations due to infection prevention measures.

Use the FRAM app, travel card, cash or bank card.

The ferries

The ferry routes run as normal without settings due to infection prevention measures.

Note! Ticketing continue to take place by number plate recognition. There is no manual payment with a ferry card nor cash to the crew on the ferry. This will apply to all county road ferries until further notice.

FRAM Customer Centre
Telephone +47 71 28 01 00

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