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Reservation transport

FRAM Flexx

FRAM Flexx is for everyone, and the driver can help you getting in and out of the vehicle if you need it. You are picked up or dropped off at home unless the trip description say otherwise. The trips are driven by taxi or minibus.

You find information about the FRAM Flexx service in the municipalities and what you do to book a trip.

FRAM Svipp

FRAM Svipp is a new technical solution for reservation transport that FRAM will be testing out. The solution will eventually replace FRAM Flexx.

FRAM has begun a pilot project with FRAM Svipp in Ørsta/Volda, where it will be possible to book transport to and from Ørsta/Volda Airport (Hovden) at times when there is no local bus to and from the airport. FRAM Svipp will be available from and to defined, zones close to the city centre in Ørsta and Volda. The transport will be driven by taxi, however to the equal price as it costs to travel by ordinary bus.

You can book a trip with FRAM Svipp Ørsta/Volda here soon.


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