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FRAM Flexx

You can find information about the service in the municipalities or book your trip online by using the links further down on this page. Or you can call FRAM Customer Centre on telephone +47 71 28 01 00.

FRAM Flexx consists of these services:

Shuttle transport

A trip from home and to one of FRAM's bus stops, express boat quays and ferry quays, or from a stop/quay back home again. Corresponds with specific departures or arrivals.

Service transport

A trip from home and to a municipal centre or another shopping/service centre, or from such a centre back home again. In the overview for the various municipalities, you can find the type of transport available in your area.


A trip home from a public event in the evening and at night on the weekends. Night is instead of Trygt heim for ein 50-lapp, and is especially intended for young people up to the age of 25.

Important information

  • The trip only runs when booked, and bookings are coordinated to make the most of the resources available
  • A trip to/from a home is on the condition that the passenger lives a max. of 2 km from the trace for the transport
  • The taxi/mini bus only stops when passengers are to be picked up or dropped off. Therefore, the driving time may vary from trip to trip 
  • The trip must be booked a fixed amount of time before departure. See the booking deadline under each route
  • You must be ready to leave 5 minutes before the agreed pick-up time, and because FRAM Flexx is also picking up other passengers, you might need to wait for up to 15 minutes after the agreed pick-up time


FRAM Flexx costs 50 NOK per passenger per trip (direction). Children up to and including 17 years of age travel for free with an adult (up to two children per adult). Children under 6 years of age always travel for free. You can pay by card or with cash. When continuing your journey by ordinary public transport, you purchase a regular ticket on the bus, ferry or express boat.

The "service transport evening" fare is the same as regular bus fare.

To book a trip

To book a trip with FRAM Flexx online, you can use the links below. If you do not want to book online, you can call the FRAM Customer Centre on telephone +47 71 28 01 00.


FRAM Customer Centre
Telephone +47 71 28 01 00

Org. number
944 183 779

Opening hours
Weekday 08.00-21.00
Saturday 09.00-18.00
Sunday 10.00-21.00