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Age limits and discounts

Below you find an overview of age limits and possible discounts.

Age limits

  • Children under 6 years old who do not travel alone, travels for free
  • Children’s ticket: 6-17 years
  • Adult ticket: 18-67 year
  • Concessionary ticket (Honnør): Concessionary tickets are for those over 67 years of age, the disabled with a disability pension under the National Insurance Act, and the blind.  This ticket is also for a spouse, registered partner or cohabitant travelling with a person entitled to a concessionary ticket. The concessionary discount cannot be combined with other ticket discounts. You must be able to show an approved form of ID when using the concessionary discount.

Travel card with value

When you have a deposited money on your travel card and use this value to pay for an adult single ticket, you will receive a 17 percent discount.

Student discount

If you are a full-time student at a Norwegian secondary school, college, university or other approved educational institutions you are entitled to a student discount.

In order to get a student discount, you must be able to show a valid student’s ID (card or on your mobile) and a receipt for a paid semester fee.

The discount is applicable from ten days before the school/semester start until ten days after the school/semester ends. Student ID from the educational institution is considered valid until the end of January for the autumn semester and until the end of August for the spring semester.

If you are a Norwegian citizen with a valid student ID and paid semester fee from an educational institution abroad, you are also entitled to student discount. An ANSA membership card is not valid as ID.

Student discount also apply to foreign citizens that study in Norway and who has a valid personal ID, valid student ID and receipt for paid semester fee.

Student discount do not apply to apprentices or persons attending Norwegian language classes.

Student discount on period tickets

Students at secondary schools and higher educational institutions are entitled to a 40 percent discount on distance-based period tickets. There is no student discount on period tickets for defined areas (periodebillett område).

Student discount on single tickets

Students at secondary schools and higher educational institutions are entitled to a 50 percent discount on single tickets for trips spanning 12 zones or more one way in Møre and Romsdal. This also applies to trips to and from Oppdal and Trondheim. For trips shorter than 12 zones, you may buy a ticket for 12 zones in order to get the discount. (This may be the cheapest option.)

On public transport lines driving between Sunnmøre and Vestland, students at secondary schools and higher educational institutions are entitled to 25 percent discount.

FRAM Ung and FRAM Student

FRAM Ung and FRAM Student are ticket types that are very favourable for young people who travel frequently. You can find more information about FRAM Ung and FRAM Student here.

Aide for person with special needs

A passenger with special needs can travel together with an aide on one ticket. The aide must present a proof of service. The proof of service must be issued by the municipality in which the disabled person resides.


A group of more than ten people who travel together on an express boat and buy a joint ticket receives a 30 percent discount on a single ticket.

The group discount only apply to adults and children, and not for example for military personnel or persons entitled to a concessionary ticket. However, such persons can choose to be included in the group in order to make the group large enough to be entitled to the discount. (This may be the cheapest option.)

There is no group discount available for bus trips.

We ask larger groups to inform us about the group trip

To maintain a good public transport service for everyone travelling in Møre and Romsdal, we ask you to let us know well in advance, and no later than 12.00 the day before your journey, if you plan to travel with a large group.

This will make it easier to plan the departures so that nobody who wish to travel with our public transport are left behind, having to wait for the next available departure.

We need to know the number of passengers, what line you would like to travel with and the expected departure time. Please notify FRAM Customer Centre using the contact form or by telephone +47 71 28 01 00. You find the contact form for FRAM Customer Centre here.

We recommend kindergartens to bring a child seat for those children who normally use them. There are seat belts in all buses except from city buses in Molde and Kristiansund.

It is not possible to reserve seats on board the buses, express boats or ferries for a group.


On express boats, families receive a discount when the family (parents and children) travel together. All adult family members over 18 years old receives a 25 percent discount on the adult fare. Children under 18 years old receives a 50 percent discount on the children’s fare. Children under 6 years old travel for free.


For express boat trips with no embarkment a 35 percent discount is granted for an ordinary return ticket. The main rule is that the passenger must stay on board during the entire trip.

Military personnel and civilian conscripts

Military personnel and civilian conscripts receive a 50 percent discount on a single adult ticket. A military ID is required as proof of service. For first-time trips for conscription, the call-up order will suffice as proof of service. Military personnel discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts.


If you have a valid Interrail/Eurail pass, you receive a 50 percent discount on a regular adult ticket on the train buses FRAM Ekspress line 420 Åndalsnes-Molde and FRAM Ekspress line 681 Åndalsnes-Ålesund.

Discounts on ferry trips

For travellers without a car, the ferry trip is free of charge. You can find the discounts that apply for cars on ferries in the ferry rate regulations. You can find the regulations of ferry rates here.

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