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Buy a ticket

If you want to travel with bus or express boat in Møre and Romsdal, there are several ways to buy your ticket. You find an overview below.

We recommend that you buy a ticket before you enter the bus or boat. This is effective and also cheaper than buying a ticket on board with cash or card.

Note! If you experience problems or errors in the FRAM app or online store, contact FRAM Customer Centre via our contact form or phone +47 71 28 01 00. You find the contact form here. Do not contact FRAM's system supplier directly.

Note! At the moment you can not buy a ticket on board all the buses. Here you can find information about traveling by public transport in the time of corona.

In the FRAM app

You can buy all ticket types in the mobile app FRAM. When you enter the bus or express boat, you scan the mobile ticket’s QR code on ticket reader on board. The QR code is the square pattern that you see on your ticket. You can tap the QR code to enlarge it. This may make it easier to scan.

In the FRAM app you can choose whether you want to pay with a payment card (debit card or credit card) or Vipps. If you choose to pay with a card you will sometimes be asked to identify yourself using BankID. The requirement for identification by BankID when making purchases using a card is a result of new and stricter rules for identity control for purchases made by payment cards in EU’s payment services directive.

You find more information about the FRAM app here.

Using a travel card

A travel card is a physical plastic card. On this card you can have period tickets and you can deposit money on the card that you can use to buy single tickets. You may have period tickets and money on the same card.

You can obtain a card on the bus or express boat, at the traffic terminals or by using our online order form. You find the online order form here.  

Once you have a travel card you can fill it up on the bus or express boat, at the traffic terminals or in the FRAM online store. (You find more information about the online store further down on this page.) Note that it is not possible to fill up FRAM Ung or FRAM Student in the online store.

There are benefits to registering your travel card

If you have obtained your travel card on the bus/express boat or have received it in the mail from FRAM Customer Centre you must contact FRAM Customer Centre or one of the traffic terminals if you want to register your card. If the card is registered on a user, the Customer Centre or traffic terminal can easily find the card information if you are unlucky and lose it, and can transfer any unused products to a new card.

If the card is not registered on a user, you must have the card number available in order to transfer unused products to a new card. Therefore, it is advisable to note down the card number if you don’t want to register.

Note! The first card is free of charge. If you lose it or it is damaged and you need a new card, there is a card fee of NOK 100.

A period ticket on a travel card must be validated on board

If you have a period ticket on the travel card, you validate the card on the ticket reader on the bus or the express boat as you enter. If you want to use part of the monetary value you have on the card, you tell the driver where you are going and scan the card on the card reader when the driver indicates it’s ready.

Not possible to have the same ticket on a mobile phone and travel card

It is not possible to have the same ticket on a mobile phone and a travel card at the same time. Likewise, it is not possible to transfer a ticket from a mobile phone to a travel card – or the other way around. This is because travel cards and the mobile app use different technical systems.

At the traffic terminals

You can buy all ticket types at the traffic terminals in Molde and Kristiansund and at Moa.

The sales offices at the traffic terminals in Molde and Kristiansund are open Monday-Friday 08.00-16.00. At Moa, the opening hours are Monday-Friday 09.00-16.00.

In the online store

You can buy ordinary period tickets and refill your travel card in the FRAM online store.

At present, it is not possible to purchase FRAM Ung, FRAM Student or combination tickets for bus and boat (with the exception of “Rundreisebillett Sula-Langevåg”) in the online store.

In order to make purchases in the online store you must have an account and be logged in. You find more information about the online store and can log in or create an account here.

Note! The period tickets in the areas with closed front doors on the buses and the period tickets for a selected number of zones are not available in the online store.

Using text message

Note! Payment by text message has been activated again from 10th December 2021 due to closed front doors in parts of the county. You can find information about buying a ticket by text message here (in Norwegain only).

To pay for your ticket by text message: type the word BUSS, a space and the amount to pay (example: BUSS 40) in a message, and send the message to phone number 1990. If you don’t know the correct amount to pay, you can ask the driver (from 1 meter distance).

Note that the mobile phone number must be open for purchases through the subscription. You can check this by contacting your subscription supplier. The price for the ticket will be charged to your mobile phone bill or your pay-as-you-go service.

The corona ticket (koronabilletten)

Note! From 10 December 2021 you can buy and use this ticket again. You can buy the ticket at the traffic terminals.

The corona ticket has been a value coupon for people who do not have a mobile phone or who have a mobile phone agreement that does not allow for the purchase of services via the mobile phone. The value coupon consisting of squares with different money values. To register the price, you write the date and time for your trip in as many squares as is required to cover the price of the trip.

On board the bus or express boat

It is possible to buy a ticket on bord the bus or express boat. You can pay with the value part of a travel card, a bank card/credit card and by cash.

Note that if you choose to pay with a bank card or cash, a on board fee will be added. The on board fee is NOK 20 for adults, NOK 10 for students and people in initial military service, and NOK 0 for children and elderly/disabled.

Ticket inspections

All passengers are responsible for having a valid ticket and to carry necessary documentation to prove eligibility for concessionary tickets. If you do not have a valid ticket or documentation when there is a ticket inspection, you must – in addition to pay for your ticket – pay a penalty fare of NOK 500 if you pay on the spot. If an invoice must be sent, the penalty fare is set to NOK 750.

FRAM Customer Centre
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