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Luggage, equipment, animals and packages

Below you find an overview of the regulations that apply for bringing prams, wheelchairs and bicycles on board. You also find information about luggage, animals and sending packages with a bus or express boat.


You can bring a pram on board without buying a separate ticket for it provided there is space available. The driver determines whether there is sufficient space.


You do not have to buy a separate ticket for your wheelchair. Your passenger ticket is also valid for the wheelchair.

FRAM buses are designed according to universal design requirements. For safety reasons there are some limitations regarding the size and weight of wheelchairs that can be brought on board buses. The size and weight allowed correspond to electric wheelchairs that are commonly used.

These are the limitations:

  • A wheelchair's length cannot exceed 120 cm, the width cannot exceed 70 cm, and the height cannot exceed 109 cm. These measurements are without a person.
  • The total weight including a person cannot exceed 250 kg.
  • Electric wheelchairs must have a maximum speed of 10 km/h.


You can bring your bicycle on the bus for free provided there is sufficient space available.

Travel goods/luggage

Included in the ticket you can bring hand luggage and up to two pieces of luggage with a maximum combined weight of 30 kilos. Larger items such as bicycles, kicksleds, etc. are allowed provided there is space available.

We ask those who travel by bus to think of their fellow passengers and follow the applicable rules for baggage.

Here is an excerpt of the regulations set by The Ministry of Transport and Communications:

§ 9 Hand baggage

Passengers are allowed to convey easily managed items (hand baggage) with a total weight of up to 20 kg for each ticket. The baggage must be placed in such a way that it does not annoy other passengers or prevent entry and exit.

§ 10 Other baggage

Upon payment, heavy or large items or baggage may be conveyed to the extent that space allows, and the service staff deem it safe. Such items are to be placed according to service staff instructions. Prams may be brought on board to the extent that space allows and must be placed according to service staff instructions.

Dogs and cats

Dogs can travel on board all buses, It is also allowed to travel with a cat in a cage.

For a dog you pay a child ticket. Service dogs in active duty can travel without a separate ticket.

You do not need a separate ticket for a cat in a cage. However, note that you must be able to keep the cage on your lap.

Conditions for travelling with a dog on our FRAM Ekspress lines:

  • Travellers with a dog must sit at the back of the bus.
  • If there are travellers on board that are allergic, the driver has the authority to ask travellers with dogs to wait for the next departure.
  • If there are travellers on board with a strong fear of dogs, the driver has the authority to ask travellers with dogs to wait for the next departure.
  • If the dog causes distress among other travellers, the driver has the authority to ask the owner and dog to leave the bus.

Dogs and cats on express boats

Dogs and cats on express boats must be transported in their own cage/crate if they are to be in the lounge area of the express boat. If the animals are not transported in a cage/crate, they must remain in the designated area outside the lounge, indicated by the crew.

These rules are to ensure that animals do not come in contact with chairs, blankets or similar items in the lounge, in consideration of allergy sufferers and other passengers. These rules do not apply to guide dogs for the blind/visually impaired or to service dogs.

Sending packages with bus or express boat

You can send packages with FRAM’s buses and express boats. Prices are based on zone fares and wight. You can use freight labels that you buy beforehand or pay for the shipment to the driver/boat personnel. You can also pay with a card at the traffic terminals in Kristiansund and Molde and at Moa. You will get two copies of the receipt - one that will go with the package and one for you to take with you. At the traffic terminals in Kristiansund and Molde companies can also bring thier own or obtain freight letters that are checked and stamped and will be invoiced.

The sender must always pay for shipment. The receiver is responsible for meeting the bus/boat at the bus stop or quay that the shipment has been arranged for, at the time when the bus or boat arrives. Packages that are not being picked up will be returned to the place the package was sent from.

Special measures due to corona

As a corona measure we introduced the possibility to pay for packages using text message. Note! You can continue to pay for packges by text message until 28 September.


You can find information about the prices for sending packages by bus or express boat here. (Norwegian only.)

Order freight labels

To order freight labels, send an e-mail to indicating the number of freight labels you require. You must also include your company registration number, company name, company address, invoice address and delivery address for the freight labels.

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