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The FRAM app

Now it is even easier to use public transport. In the FRAM app, you can use the travel planner, buy tickets and check departure times for buses, express boats and ferries on your mobile phone. Everything you need is in one app you can use throughout the county. You can find the FRAM app in App Store here and Google Play here.

Note! For important information about the app, read the Terms of use for the FRAM app. You will find the information inside the app too.

Note! If you experience problems or errors in the FRAM app, contact FRAM Customer Centre via our contact form or phone 71 28 01 00. You find the contact form for FRAM Customer Centre here. Do not contact FRAM's system supplier directly.

Using the travel planner

It is easy to use the travel planner. Choose your point of departure and the destination you are travelling to, your time of departure and press search. You can search departure points and destinations by place name, stop or by using your location and selecting from the map. You can add both routes and departure points as favourites to easily find the journeys you frequently travel. After choosing a journey, you can purchase your ticket directly from the travel planner.

Buying a ticket

You can buy both single and period tickets with the app. You can choose to activate/use the ticket right away, or to activate/use it later if you are early with purchasing the ticket. Your tickets are listed up under purchased tickets, so you can easily retrieve active, inactive and paid tickets. If you like, you can have receipts for purchased tickets sent to your e-mail and get notifications for when tickets expire.

Checking the departure time

You also have the convenience of being able to check local departure times of routes running in your immediate vicinity. When you let the app find your location, you can find the closest stop, your distance from it and the routes that stop there. It is easy and convenient!

Only for FRAM

Timetables and tickets available in the app are limited to only those routes run by the Møre and Romsdal County Authority in the county through the FRAM public transport service. The timetables cover all scheduled public transport by bus, express boat and ferry in the county. Tickets can be bought for buses and express boats.

Note! You can use FRAM Ung on ferries without a bus journey.

Download the FRAM app

The FRAM app is available on the App Store and Google Play. To download the app, click on the link for the applicable app store.

Help with the startup wizard

When you have downloaded the FRAM app from App Store or Google Play and start it for the first time, the startup wizard will open. If you need help with the startup wizard, click the link below.

Help with the startup wizard for the FRAM app.

If you get an error message

If you get an error message during installation or use of the FRAM mobile app and need more information about the cause of the error, you can click on the link below.

Error messages that may appear during installation or use of the FRAM mobile application.

Buy a single ticket or a period ticket in the FRAM app

In the mobile app FRAM you can buy all types of tickets for FRAM buses and express boats.

You can not buy tickets in the FRAM app for commercial bus routes, such as the airport express buses in Molde and Ålesund, buses to Bergen and Oslo and Stryn-Trondheim.

Note! You can only buy tickets for your own phone. It is not possible to move a ticket from one phone to another or to buy a ticket for a third party in the FRAM app.

Note! Due to the EU's revised Payment Directive (PSD 2), which stipulates the security requirement to use strong customer authentication (SKA), you need to use BankID once you have selected a bank card as a means of payment for the ticket in the FRAM app. The requirement does not apply to payment for the ticket with Vipps.

If you would like more information about how to buy a single ticket or a period ticket in the FRAM app, click one of the links below.

Guide: How to buy a single ticket in the FRAM app.

Guide: How to buy a period ticket in the FRAM app.

48 hours limit for advance purchase

It is not possible to make an advance purchase earlier than 48 hours before the planned trip. And 48 hours is the time limit for starting the trip when you have bought a ticket in advance.

The countdown of these 48 hours will be displayed on the ticket after you have purchased it but before it has been activated. After the deadline for activating the ticket has passed, it is no longer possible to use the ticket.

If you discover that you have purchased your ticket too early and will not be able to use it within 48 hours, do not activate the ticket! If you don’t activate it, you will not have to pay for it, and you can purchase a new ticket that will be valid for your trip.

If the ticket is not activated, the reserved amount will automatically be released after the time limit for activation has passed. Note that it may take some working days for the amount to be released in your account. The exact number of days depends on the card issuer, but it may take up to a week.

Problem with payment in the FRAM app

We are currently experiencing that some travelers have problems with payment in the FRAM app after we switched to stronger customer authentication (SCA) to comply with the EU's revised payment directive (PSD2). 

The card issuers' enforcement of the new regulations is the main reason for the problem, and that purchases under NOK 500 still follow previous guidelines for physical use of contactless payment. Work is being done to solve the problem.

Problem with reading the ticket in the app

Some experience that when the mobile phone is placed on the ticket reader with the QR code for the ticket open the screen is activated by Apple Pay.

To avoid the problem (until Apple has fixed it) you can turn on "guided access" from the phone settings and quickly press three times on the home button on the mobile phone when your are in the app. When you use the phone again the ticket is locked on the screen so that you avoid the problem with reading the ticket. You can find information about "guided access" here.

Use the tickets in the FRAM app without internet

It is possible to use the tickets in the FRAM app without internet (wifi or mobile data), but first the app must have been opened with internet access earlier in the day to download tickets that are valid, animation for the ticket and other product information that is updated. Therefore, open the FRAM app on your phone at home in the morning, where the phone can be connected to wifi, before you or the children leave home. Do not close/shut down the app completely, to be on the safe side, between uses for the rest of the day. That way, you can use the ticket in the FRAM app without internet access and without receiving error messages.

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