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The travelcard is a plastic card that stores your electronic ticket. It is convenient for both those who often or rarely travel. Your first travelcard is free of charge. You can order your travelcard online here.

Note! You are unable to use the travelcard on the ticket reader at the front of the bus or purchase a ticket from the driver as long as the front door is closed because of infection control measures for the public transport service. You can find information about the public transport service during the corona period here.


The travelcard is for both those who often or rarely travel. It is a plastic card that stores your electronic ticket. You can also add an amount of money to the credit on the travelcard and use that credit to purchase single tickets and period tickets. You can electronically add up to eight different tickets on the travelcard to use on buses and express boats in the county. When using credit on the travelcard, you can get a discount on an adult single ticket. You can find information about the discounts here.

When you have one or more tickets on the travelcard, simply place the card against the card reader and it will be read immediately. During a transition phase, the tickets and credit placed on old travelcards, called public transport cards, will still be valid.

You can use your travelcard on buses and express boats marked with the FRAM logo. Note that credit on a travelcard cannot be used to buy a Kystekspressen (Coastal Express Boat) ticket.

Travelcards can be obtained on buses or express boats, at traffic terminals and bus stations, or by ordering a travelcard online.

All travelcards are in general unregistered. The advantage of registering the travelcard is: You can have the contents of the card transferred to a new card if you have lost it. In addition, you can log in to the online store and see the content of the card or block the card.

Adding tickets or credit to the travelcard

You can add a ticket or credit to your travelcard on buses, express boats, at traffic terminals and bus stations, or in the online store. If you are in doubt as to what is on your travelcard, use the online store or ask a driver or crew member for help. He or she will be able to read your card on a ticket machine.

Note! If you lose your travel card, call the FRAM Customer Centre on telephone +47 71 28 01 00 to freeze the card. After three days, you can visit one of the traffic terminals or bus stations and get a new card after paying a NOK 100 fee.

Company account travelcard

A company account travelcard allows you to travel without having to pay for the ticket yourself. The entity/company will be billed. A company account travelcard makes credit payments for various travel products such as single tickets and period tickets. The journeys are registered on the company account and the entity/company is billed every other month. This type of card is basically intended for companies, schools, day care centres, government agencies and the like.

A company account travelcard can be used on all buses and express boats in the county of Møre and Romsdal. Company account travel cards cannot be used on Kystekspressen (the Coastal Express Boat).

A company account travelcard can be shared between several people within the same entity/company.

If you have questions or wish to order a company account travelcard, contact the FRAM Customer Centre.

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