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FRAM Ekspress

For those travelling a long distance in Møre and Romsdal, the FRAM Ekspress lines can be a simple, modern and safe way to reach your destination. You can relax and spend time doing something else than driving.

You open the timetables for the FRAM Ekspress lines by tapping the relevant link.

101/100 FRAM Ekspress Volda-Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund 01.05.22

420 FRAM Ekspress Molde-Åndalsnes (train bus) 01.05.22

681 FRAM Ekspress Ålesund-Vestnes-Åndalsnes (train bus) 02.05.22

901 FRAM Ekspress Kristiansund-Oppdal (train bus) 28.02.22

902 FRAM Ekspress Surnadal-Molde 28.02.22

905 FRAM Ekspress Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund-Trondheim (Mørelinjen) 28.02.22

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