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Express boat

In the travel planner, you can search for departure times, find the ticket price and see information about departures in real-time. In the FRAM app, you can find departure times, buy a ticket and see information about departures in real-time.

You can find a map with an overview of the express boat routes here.

You open the timetables for the express boats by tapping the relevant link.

05 Hareid–Valderøya–Ålesund 01.01.21

23 Langevåg–Ålesund 27.06.20

24 Ålesund–Valderøya–Nordøyane 02.01.21

66 Sundbåten i Kristiansund

800 Kristiansund–Edøya-Kjørsvikbugen–Trondheim

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