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Frequently asked questions

Here are the FRAM Customer Centre's answers to frequently asked questions by telephone or from the online inquiry form.

What can I do with the travel planner?

In the travel planner, you can put in your point of departure and destination, and then you are provided with various possible travel options. Transport connections are not necessarily available between the departure point and destination you provide. The travel planner calculates transfer times between connections as well as any walking time between stop points. You can try using the travel planner on the front page here.

If the bus does not arrive, how do I get my ticket refunded?

You can use FRAM's travel guarantee to cover the cost of alternative transport by taxi or private car, etc. You can find information about our travel guarantee and the form to send in here.

What is the FRAM app?

With the FRAM app, you can use the travel planner, purchase tickets and check any changes in departure time right on your mobile phone. Everything you need is in one app. You can find information about the FRAM app here.

Can I use the FRAM app on the ticket reader on the bus or express boat?

Sure, you can. To use the ticket reader you need to find your ticket and code for the ticket in the FRAM app, hold the screen on the mobile phone approximately five centimeter away from the camera at the bottom of the reader. Alternatively one time to activate the blue-white light for the camera (if it has turned off), and one more time to read the code. It takes aproximately two-three seconds. If it takes longer, try to hold your mobile phone steady, move the mobile phone further away or closer to the reader.

When you have a valid ticket the screen on the ticket reader will turn green and you will hear a sound. If the ticket is invalid, the screen will turn red and you will hear a different sound.

Can I pay by bank card on board?

Yes, all FRAM buses and express boats have bank card terminals available. Ferries do as well.

What is the travelcard?

Travelcard are for those who often or rarely travel. It is a plastic card that stores your electronic ticket. You can also add an amount of money to the credit on the travelcard and use that credit to purchase single tickets and period tickets. You can find information about the travelcard here.

Is it possible to send a package by bus or express boat?

Yes, sending a package by bus or express boat is easy and a smart choice for getting the package delivered quickly. The sender must always pay for freight when sending a package by bus or express boat. The recipient is responsible for being at the agreed stop or quay to receive the package when the bus/express boat arrives. Packages/goods not collected are returned to where they were sent from/reception office. You can find prices for packages by bus or express boat here.

Note! To order freight stamps, send an e-mail to with the number of freight stamps you need. In addition to the corporate identity number, company name, company address, invoice address and delivery address.

What is reservation transport?

It is transport that is driven only when someone has booked it, usually by taxi. You can find information about FRAM Flexx and FRAM Svipp and book a trip here.

Can I get a refund for a period ticket if I do not use it?

If you are on 100% sick leave for a minimum of eight days, you can get remaining period of the ticket refunded starting with your first day of sick leave. The amount will be refunded once you have submitted copies of the sick leave certificate from your doctor and the period ticket receipt as well as a completed refund form. You can find information the refund form here. Send it by post to: FRAM Kundesenter, Postboks 743, 6501 Kristiansund N, Norway.

Is it a school day or school holiday?

For some bus departures, there might be a different service on a school day than school holiday. It will be marked in the timetable. You can find information about the school calendar here (school schedule).

If you use the FRAM app and the travel planner to find timetable information, you do not need to think about this. Simply said.

County road 63 between Eidsdal and Geiranger is closed, what happens now?

In cases where a landslide/avalanche has passed, an alternative route with ferry can be inserted between Hellesylt and Geiranger if the road is closed for long. You can find information about the alternative route for the county road if closed here (in Norwegian only).

What is the new payment solution for ferry?

The new payment solution for the ferry distances in the whole country is called AutoPASS for ferry.

In Møre and Romsdal you could start to pay on the ferries with an AutoPASS ferry card from 1st January 2019. You can find information about AutoPASS here.

Note! From 6th April 2020, ticketing is done by license plate recognition and new prices for ferries were introduced. You do not pay manually to the crew on the ferry. This will apply to all county road connections until further notice.

What do I do if I forgot something on a bus, express boat or ferry?

You can contact the bus, express boat or ferry operator. If it is possible to track you down as the owner of the lost property, you will be contacted. You can find information about lost property here.

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