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Real-time information

Real-time information allows FRAM to provide accurate departure times for buses, express boats and ferries almost exactly. Real-time information is provided when using the travel planner on our website or in the FRAM app. This makes travel easier and more predictable for you when using public transport.

Real-time information on buses

In 2020, it became real-time information on several bus routes in the county. All FRAM Ekspress routes among others have this technology.

Now you can also check the departures to the routes that run in Ålesund, Kristiansund and Molde in real-time through the FRAM app and the travel planner. In addition to the routes in Giske, Sula, Averøy, Aure, Smøla, Gjemnes, Hustadvika and Aukra municipality.

The departures with real-time are shown in yellow if there are deviations. It makes it easier and predictable for you to travel collectively.

Here are some of the advantages of having real-time information provided on board buses:

  • The next stop will be automatically heard over an on board loudspeaker
  • The monitor inside the bus will provide information regarding the bus stops on the route
  • When a bus stops at a bus stop, the bus route and destination can be read from the outside, so those wanting to board the bus are better informed

Ferry quay displays

Displays show the calculated time when ferries are to depart from the quay with the departure time and a countdown from 10 to 0 minutes. Departures where the time cannot be calculated show the scheduled time according to the timetable in the time format (hh:mm). We have real-time displays on 39 quays. These quays were chosen because of the number of passengers and vehicles using these locations.

Below are the quays that offer displays with real-time information:

Molde   Vestnes   Sykkylven
Magerholm   Hareid   Sulesund
Festøy   Solavågen   Volda
Folkestad   Sølsnes   Åfarnes
Halsa   Kanestraum   Hollingen
Aukra   Eidsdal   Linge
Seivika   Tømmervåg   Stranda
Liabygda   Solholmen   Mordalsvågen
Årvika   Kopparneset   Kvanne
Rykkjem   Lauvstad   Skjeltene
Brattvåg   Edøy   Sandvika
Haramsøya   Harøya   Larsnes
Sæbø   Leknes   Dryna

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