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Travel guarantee

This travel guarantee is based on the recommended Industry Standard from 2015, prepared by Kollektivtrafikkforeningen and NHO Transport. The travel guarantee only covers bus transport. You can fill out the travel guarantee form digitally here.

National travel guarantee for bus transport

With FRAM's travel guarantee, we are committed to doing our very best to ensure you arrive at your destination on time.

Nevertheless, delays or other shortfalls in the public transport service occur. In that case we will:

  • provide you with the best possible information about what is going on
  • provide you with information regarding alternative transport/travel routes as early as possible
  • set up alternative transport for you to the extent it is practically feasible

After a complaint, we will always do our best to learn from the error to avoid it happening again.

Note! The travel guarantee is valid for bus transport only, not ferries or express boats.

Refund rates

If alternative transport is not possible, documented expenses for travel by taxi (and/or own car or other alternative transport) will be refunded according to the following rates:

  • 20-minute delay on journeys under 1 hour; up to NOK 550
  • 40-minute delay on journeys between 1 and 3 hours; up to NOK 825
  • 60-minute delay on journeys over 3 hours; up to NOK 1100

If the journey is over 3 hours and the delay results in your arrival the next day, you can be reimbursed for legitimate accommodation expenses. Note! This must be cleared with the FRAM Customer Centre beforehand.

Be sure that you are using the current, valid timetable information for the public transport route you are taking. There are often special timetables for Christmas, Easter and summer holidays.

In order for your claim to be valid, you must submit the travel guarantee form or contact the FRAM Customer Centre in writing no later than 1 month after the incident. We will respond as soon as possible after receiving the form, 1 month at the latest.

When is the travel guarantee applicable?

The right to a refund is applicable to all deviations where information was not provided beforehand. The refund applies to alternative means of public transport, taxi or by own car (1). You should use an alternate means of public transport if possible, and a taxi or own car in addition if required.

The travel guarantee applies to single journeys and transfers during your trips. If you are not making a direct connection, you must estimate sufficient transfer time as well as the required walking time.

When is the travel guarantee not applicable?

The travel guarantee does not apply if it is 20 minutes or less to the next departure according to the timetable.

The travel guarantee also does not apply if the delay or cancellation occurs due to circumstances beyond FRAM's or the operator's control. These are situations such as:

  • official orders and restrictions
  • strikes and the like
  • natural catastrophes
  • extraordinary weather conditions
  • roadwork or unforeseen road problems
  • major events or other traffic conditions that significantly affect public transport

FRAM makes strict demands on its all operators (bus and ship owning companies) in our contractual handling of delays, connection waiting times and guaranteed space on board. In cases where a FRAM Ekspress is delayed among other things, we pay the ferry company to wait for the bus. As well, the travel guarantee does not cover losses resulting from delays, e.g. lost dental appointment, work engagement, train departure or flight departure.

If you disagree with the outcome of the complaint, you can submit the complaint to the Travel Complaint Handling Body. Your complaint must be sent to the body within 1 year after you submitted a written complaint to the FRAM Customer Centre.

(1) Only the driver can submit a request for the reimbursement of kilometres driven if several people travel together. The reimbursement is only for kilometres driven, not ferries, toll roads or parking.

Submit a travel guarantee form

You can fill out the travel guarantee form digitally here or fill out the travel guarantee form for printing and send it by post to: FRAM Kundesenter, Postboks 743, 6501 Kristiansund N, Norway.

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