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Here you can find information about AutoPASS for ferry.

The purpose with AutoPASS for ferry is to automate the payment for travel by ferry.

Note! From 6th April 2020, ticketing is done by license plate recognition. You do not pay manually to the crew on the ferry. This will apply to all county road connections until further notice.

You can find the rates in the AutoPASS regulations which applies to the county road ferries here.

AutoPASS ferry card

AutoPASS ferry cards have been available on all county municipal ferry connections since January 2019.

This card gives a discount on the ticket price and replaces previous discount cards for the ferry. You get a 50 percent discount for private vehicles and a 40 percent discount for companies with a AutoPASS ferry card and an agreement.

You can find further information, answer questions, create an account and agreement, order a ferry card and register a tag, by visiting the website created for AutoPASS for ferry. You can find AutoPASS for ferry online here.

AutoPASS tag payment

If you are going to travel with the ferries that use payment by tag, you must also have a valid AutoPASS tag in the vehicle. You need to order it from a toll company. You can find information about issuers of tags here (Norwegian only).

Note! The tag must then be registered in your AutoPASS account to get a 10% discount. If you already have a tag, register it on the AutoPASS for ferry website when you have created an account.

Electric vehicles

Electric vehilcles get a 50 percent discount off regular ticket prices according to the regulation of ferry rates. That is, if the regular ticket price for a passenger car is 100 NOK the regular price for an electric vehicle will be 50 NOK. Additionally you get another 50 percent discount if you have an AutoPASS for ferry account (40 percent for a company).

Note! Until the County Council possibly approves the application for a change in discount from the Ministry of Transport, there will still be a 50% discount for zero-emission cars on the ferries. Here you can find more information about Møre and Romsdal County Council applying for permission to reduce the discount for zero-emission cars on the ferries from 2023.


If you do not have an AutoPASS tag or an AutoPASS for ferry account with prepayment, you can create FerryPay to pay for the ferry. Here you can find information about FerryPay.

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