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332 Nerlandsøya-Eggesbønes: first departure has been moved forward by 5 minutes from 3 October

30.09.2022 16:00

From Monday 3 October, the first departure has been moved forward by 5 minutes in both directions.

Problem getting a receipt in the FRAM app

30.09.2022 15:00

We have a problem resulting in that not everyone has received a receipt for the purchase of a ticket in the FRAM app and that some receive several of the receipts at once afterwards.

Sunnmøre North: adjustments for several bus lines 28.09.22 and 17.10.22

27.09.2022 14:00

There will be minor adjustments of the schedules for the following bus lines on 28th September or 17th October 2022.

1145 Hareid–Valderøya–Ålesund: change in timetables from 8 October

27.09.2022 14:00

From 8 October, there will be a change in the timetables that apply on Saturdays for the express boat route between Hareid and Ålesund.

Volda: Engesetvegen open - buses will revert to driving their normal route from 21st September

19.09.2022 15:00

Engesetvegen in Volda is now open for traffic and from Wednesdat 21st September, FRAM's buses will revert to driving Engesetvegen and not Storgata.

714 Molde-Kleive: does not run Osbrua-Kleivehallen between 13 and 30 September

12.09.2022 15:00

In the period 13 to 30 September, the bus departing at 09.00 from Osbrua does not run on the road section Osbrua-Kleivehallen due to roadworks.

Real-time information will be updated on 8, 12 and 13 September from 10

08.09.2022 09:00

Due to updates, the real-time information may be unstable from 10 on Thursday 8, Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 September for a period of 1-3 hours.

We had a problem with FRAM Flexx today early (updated)

08.09.2022 08:00

Due to downtime for the entire Flexx booking portal, it was not possible to book FRAM Flexx trips online early today. The problem is fixed again.

Ålesund traffic terminal (Rutebilstasjonen): all departures from track 5 from Tuesday evening 5 September to Tuesday morning 7 September

02.09.2022 11:00

From Tuesday evening 6th September 2022 until 06.00 Wednesday 7th September, all buses will depart from track 5 by the main road.

Bus line 340 Ørsta-Volda: departure moved from 14.35 to 14.30 from 1st September

31.08.2022 14:00

From Thursday 1st September 2022, the departure from Ørsta on line 340 Ørsta-Volda at 14.35 has been moved to 14.30.

240 Midsund-Molde: change in departures from and including 5 September

31.08.2022 12:00

Due to changes to ferry route 1056 Brattvåg-Dryna, there will also be changes to line 240 Midsund-Molde from Monday 5 September 2022.

Ålesund: adjustments for bus line 10 Fjelltun from 5th September 2022

30.08.2022 13:00

From Monday 5th September 2022 there will be some adjustments for bus line 10 Fjelltun.

Changes in public transport after the opening of Nordøyvegen

19.08.2022 14:00

In connection with the opening of Nordøyvegen the public transport schedules for Nordøyane will change from Sunday 28th August.

Route changes for some of the buses from 22 August

18.08.2022 08:00

From Monday 22 August there will be changes for some of the bus routes in connection with the start of school.

Ålesund, Giske and Sula: No possibility to facilitate group trips between 22 August and 22 October

17.08.2022 09:00

In old Ålesund municipality, Giske and Sula, when there is a free period with the buses in the period 22 August to 22 October 2022, we will have challenges with capacity. During this period, we will not be able to arrange group trips in this area.

1059 Aukra-Hollingsholmen: Route change in the morning on weekdays from 28 August

16.08.2022 11:00

From Sunday 28 August, there will be a change of route for the ferry connection between Aukra and Hollingsholmen on weekdays.

Ålesund: Alternative route for busses in the town centre from 22nd August

16.08.2022 10:00

Due to a closed road, buses cannot drive Parkgata to St Olavs plass from 22nd August until 12th September (3 weeks) and will need to drive an alternative route in central Ålesund.

1070 Molde-Vestnes: Changes to night departures for the connection in August and September (updated)

11.08.2022 09:00

Due to work on electrification at the ferry quays in Molde and Vestnes, there will be changes to the scheduled traffic on the Molde–Vestnes connection in the period from 22 August to 6 September 2022.

Ålesund: alternative route for bus line 648 04.08-30.09 2022

02.08.2022 18:00

Due to road works, Vestre Olsvikveg will be closed from Thursday 4th August until Friday 30th September.

1051 Småge-Orta-Finnøya-Sandøya-Ona: permanent residents and commuters get priority on the ferry

30.06.2022 12:00

From 1 July, the inhabitants living on the islands of Ona, Sandøy and Orta - and the milk tank from Orta - will be given priority on the connection.

From 1 July, there will be free to travel by ferry on eight connections in the county

27.06.2022 14:00

For eight ferry connections in the county, it will be free to travel on all or parts of the route from and including Friday 1 July 2022.

From 1 July, all route numbers on ferries and express boats will be changed to national route numbers

27.06.2022 13:00

In the table below you can find route numbers that apply to the ferries and express boats until and including 30 June and national route numbers that apply from and including 1 July 2022.

The parking space for Kristiansund traffic terminal will be moved on 16 June (updated)

14.06.2022 13:00

From and including Thursday 16 June 2022, the parking space for the buses at Kristiansund traffic terminal will be moved.

Kristiansund traffic terminal has moved

07.03.2022 14:00

Due to the building works at the new Campus, the traffic terminal has relocated. From 21 February the traffic terminal counter has been located at Fosnagata 16A (old Zikk Zakk hairdresser).

Ålesund: Buses get priority at certain traffic lights

10.02.2022 14:00

Using new technogy the FRAM buses will automatically get a green light at some of the traffic lights in Ålesund. Shorter waiting time makes it easier to keep the bus on time and helps the bus go faster.

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