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1059 Aukra–Hollingsholmen will be briefly closed on Wednesday, December 13th.

11.12.2023 15:00

Construction work will take place at the Aukra ferry dock, resulting in the ferry service being closed for approximately one hour.

Ørsta-Volda airport: traffic issues in the afternoon - changes for bus departures

11.12.2023 09:00

Due to heavy traffic, the bus cannot get back on to E39 from the airport in direction Volda in the afternoon rush hours. This means we must make some adjustments to the bus departures from the airport around 16.00.

Changes for 1061 Kvanne–Rykkjem, 1062 Arasvika–Hennset, and bus line 902 Surnadal–Molde

06.12.2023 18:00

At the end of November, Møre and Romsdal County Authority announced changes to the timetables for the ferry connections Kvanne–Rykkjem and Arasvika–Hennset. The reason for the changes was due to construction work at Kvanne ferry dock and a vessel change.

Volda: Røyslidvegen temporarily closed - alternative route for bus line 341

06.12.2023 13:00

Due to roadworks and repair of a water leakage, Røyslidvegen in Volda is closed and bus line 341 must drive down Heltnevegen on the way to the hospital and Kårstadvegen on the way from the hospital.

Updated: Children and persons with a concessionary card can use the value part of the travel card until 31 December

27.11.2023 14:00

Today, children and persons with a concessionary card can add money to the travel card and use this value to pay for the ticket on board. After 31 December the value part is lost as a means of payment on the buses and express boats in Møre and Romsdal.

Ålesund/Hessa: parts of Hessavegen closed - bust stops Hessatun and Hessa bedhus not serviced

27.11.2023 09:00

Ålesund municipality are carrying out work in Hessavegen and parts of the road is closed. This means that buses on line 1 must drive an alternative route, and bus stops Hessatun and Hessa bedhus will not be serviced as long as the road is closed.

420 FRAM Ekspress Molde-Åndalsnes (train bus) and 482 Åndalsnes-Vestnes: route changes from 10 December

23.11.2023 14:00

From and including Sunday 10 December, there will be route changes among the departures for lines 420 FRAM Ekspress Molde-Åndalsnes (train-bus) and 482 Åndalsnes-Vestnes.

Updated 23.11: Timetables for the Christmas periode available online and travel planner updated

23.11.2023 08:00

Downloadable timetables (PDF) for the public transport services during Christmas are now available. The travel planner online and in the FRAM app also displays the correct departure times for the Christmas period.

Sunnmøre North: minor adjustments for some bus schedules from 27 November

20.11.2023 09:00

From Monday 27th November there will be some minor adjustments for some departures on bus lines at Sunnmøre North.

Ålesund: New information: Bus lines 2 and 12 will depart from the main terminal until mid-December

08.11.2023 09:00

Ålesund municipality has announced that the roadworks at Moavegen will be delayed. Bus lines 2 and 12 will therefore depart from the main terminal at Moa until approx. mid-December.

Updated Nov. 8th: Alternative route for bus line between Ålesund and Trondheim

07.11.2023 14:00

Due to a closed road, bus line 905 between Ålesund–Molde–Kristiansund–Trondheim will not operate on FV65 between Svorkmo and Storås. The road will be closed for approximately three weeks starting from November 7th.

Volda: bus stop Kårstadvegen replace by bus stop Kårstadvegen Høgskulen for bus lines 101, 338 og 341

06.11.2023 07:00

The bus stop Kårstadvegen at the south side of Kårstadvegen, by the "Kårstadbygget" has been replaced by the bus stop Kårstadvegen Høgskulen by the intersection with Røystunvegen.

Updated Nov. 6th: Kviltorpvegen closed to through traffic: Bus line 701 must change its route

02.11.2023 10:00

Starting from Monday, November 6th, Kviltorpvegen in Molde will be closed to through traffic. This means that bus line 701 must change its route.

The price is missing in the travel planner

01.11.2023 09:00

Until further notice, the prices supposed to show up in the travel planner are missing. Work is being done to correct this during the next week.

Company account travel cards have been extended until 31 December

26.10.2023 11:00

We have previously notified that company account travel cards cannot be used after 1 November. This will be postponed until 31 December.

Package handling from 1 November

25.10.2023 15:00

From 1 November it has been decided that we will discontinue package handling (purchase of freight) for private individuals.

1054 Eidsdal–Linge: this ferry will be out of operation for three weeks from Monday 16th October

09.10.2023 12:00

The scheduled closing for the ferry connection Eidsdal–Linge starts from Monday 16th Oktober 2023. The ferry connection will be closed for three weeks.

Information about the new app

09.10.2023 09:00

We have a new app now. The app follow the requirement for universal design, which makes it easier for more people to use it. Here you will find out what the new app means for you as a customer.

From 1 November, you can no longer buy a combined single ticket for bus and express boat

04.10.2023 09:00

In connection with the financial plan 2023-2026, the county council decided changes to FRAM's ticket products. From and including 1 November, you can no longer buy a combined single ticket for bus and express boat, however you can still buy the tickets separately.

Pre-purchased area tickets and zone-based period tickets that are valid until November

27.09.2023 08:00

Area tickets and zone-based period tickets purchased before 1 November will not be able to be used from 1 November onwards.

From 1st November it will be simpler and often cheaper to travel with public transport in Møre og Romsdal

19.09.2023 12:00

From 1st November 2023 Møre and Romsdal county will be divided into 7 zones for public transport with bus instead of more than 500. This will make the zones easier to relate to and will mean that many trips with public buses will be cheaper.

245 Rekdal-Vestnes and 247 Vestnes-Vikebukt-Tresfjord-Vestnes: route changes from 18 September

15.09.2023 14:00

From Monday 18 September there will be route changes for lines 245 and 247.

Moving of Bus Stop in Fosnavåg

07.09.2023 13:00

The Skarabakken bus stop in Fosnavåg is being relocated to improve traffic safety in the area.

429 Rødven-Lerheim: route changes from 21 August

23.08.2023 16:00

Some of the timetables for line 429 Rødven-Lerheim have changed from 21 August.

240 Midsund-Molde: route change from 23 August due to increased traffic in Fannestrandvegen

23.08.2023 14:00

From 23 August, departures on line 240 Midsund-Molde will not start at Glamox south at 16.05, but will start from Molde traffic terminal at 16.15.

Ålesund: no buses from Skateflukaia 21.08-27.08 2023

15.08.2023 14:00

Due to Matfestivalen (the food festival) and rigging before and after the festival, this bus stop will be completely closed in the period 21st August - Sunday 27th August 2023.

Bus from Linge ferry quay departs from the main road until further notice

28.07.2023 18:00

Due to ongoing work at the ferry quay at Linge, the buses from Linge ferry quay departs from the main road.

Bus line 330 Fosnavåg-Ulsteinvik-Hareid: temporary adjustmenst 31.07.23-20.08.23

27.07.2023 16:00

From 31st July until and including 20th August 2023, there will be some temporary schedule changes to bus line 330 Fosnavåg-Ulsteinvik-Hareid,

Sunnmøre North: The Remme tunnels to open again – new timetables for bus and express boat from 17.07.23

12.07.2023 11:00

With the Remme tunnels open again, the timetables for the bus lines will revert back to how they were before the tunnel closing, with some adjustments. In addition, there will be one change in the timetable for the express boat between Ålesund and Hamnsund. The changes for bus and boat apply from Monday 17th July 2023.

More ferry connections with free travel and lower prices from August 16th

04.07.2023 11:00

From August 16th, there will be four new ferry connections in Møre and Romsdal where travel will be free of charge. In addition, ferry fares will be reduced on all ferry connections in the county.

Ellingsøya: "gamlevegen" (the old road) closed during the summer - buses must drive alternative route

23.06.2023 13:00

"Gamlevegen" (the old road) at Ellingsøya will be closed during the school summer holiday, from 26th June. This means that the FRAM buses must drive an alternative route.

Changes in the Hareid – Sulesund route

21.06.2023 09:00

Between 26 June - 4 August the C-ferry on the Hareid – Sulesund route will be taken out of traffic. This means there are two ferries in stead of three. During the period, the ferries will run at a frequency of half an hour during the day.

Ørsta-Volda airport Hovden closed evenings/nights and then completely for four weeks - impacts on-demand transport and bus

05.06.2023 10:00

Ørsta-Volda airport will get new asphalt on the runway during the summer. This means that the airport will be closed for a period of four weeks and that it will be closed in the evening/night before and after the periode when the airprot is colsed.

Ålesund: construction work causes closure of some bus stops from 5th and 8th June

01.06.2023 14:00

Construction work by the hospital and in Korsegata means that some bus stops will be closed for some time.

Ålesund: Bus stop Furmyrhagen closed for a period from Tuesday 30th May due to road works

26.05.2023 10:00

From Tuesday 30th May 2023 in the morning, the bus stop Furmyrhagen will be closed for a period.

Bus line 320 Larsnes-Gjerdsvika-Stoksund: departures with large buses cannot drive «gamlevegen» at Haugsbygda

10.05.2023 15:00

Due to weight restrictions for the road, large buses cannot drive «gamlevegen» at Haugsbygda from 11th May and until further notice.

Discounts for all apprentices

28.03.2023 16:00

All apprentices in Møre and Romsdal can buy tickets with a student discount.

Waiting on parts for the ferry visor

10.03.2023 19:00

The installation of a visor to help prevent splashes of sea water on the ferry in the connection Aukra–Hollingsholmen, is postponed due to delayed delivery of steel and hydraulic parts.

Information about the new online store

01.03.2023 14:00

We have a new online store now. The online store follow the requirement for universal design, which makes it easier for more people to use the online store. Here you will find out what the online store means for you as a customer.

The Reme tunnels will be closed on 6 February: - The goal is safer tunnels

25.01.2023 12:00

The tunnels between Slyngstad and Brattvåg will be closed to traffic between 6 February and 1 June 2023, in order to carry out an extensive upgrade. During the closure period, there will be a diversion via Søvika and bus routes will change. The express boat service between Hamnsund and Ålesund can also be a good alternative for some.

Applying for permit to reduce zero-emission cars on the ferries

23.12.2022 13:00

Møre and Romsdal county authority is applying for permit to reduce discount for zero-emission cars on ferries from 2023.

1051 Småge-Orta-Finnøya-Sandøya-Ona: permanent residents and commuters get priority on the ferry

30.06.2022 12:00

From 1 July, the inhabitants living on the islands of Ona, Sandøy and Orta - and the milk tank from Orta - will be given priority on the connection.

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