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Ålesund: construction work causes closure of some bus stops from 5th and 8th June

Construction work by the hospital and in Korsegata means that some bus stops will be closed for some time.

"Sjukehuslomma" will be closed from 5th June

The bus stop "Sjukehuslomma" will ble closed from Monday 5th June 2023 until the new bus stop is complete - probably in February 2024.

Use alternative bus stops "Ålesund Sjukehus" or "Åse vest" (by the Hatlaåstunnelen.)

The bus departures on line 3 Ålesund-Valderøya-Vigra that starts at Moa and normally drive via "Sjukehuslomma" will drive down to the bus stop by the hospital. There will be som minor adjustments to the timetable because of this:

  • Departure from Moa 15.25 will be moved to 15.20 and will go via "Ålesund sjukehus". From Ytterland times are unchanged.
  • Departure from Moa 16.10 will be moved to 16.05 and will go via "Ålesund sjukehus. From Ytterland times are unchanged.
  • Departure from Moa 20.15 will be moved to 20.13 and will go via "Ålesund sjukehus. From Kverve times are unchanged.
  • Departure from Moa 18.15 will be moved to 18.13 and will go via "Ålesund sjukehus. From Kverve times are unchanged.

Korsegata closed from 8th June

Frå torsdag 8. juni 2023 blir Korsegata stengd for ein lengre periode. Bussen vil køyre altenativ trasé via Korsatunellen.

Haldeplassanse Utstillingsplassen, Parkgata, St Olavs Plass og Dronning Sonjas plass vil ikkje bli betent i den perioden bussen køyrer alternativ rute.

Alternative haldeplassar er Utstillingsplassen (nedsida), Korsatunnelen og Rådhuset.

Note! Departuers with bus lines 100/101 and 250 will not start at Skateflukaia as long as Korsegata is closed. The start site for all departures will be Ålesund rutebilstasjon (Ålesund traffic terminal).

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