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Changes in public transport after the opening of Nordøyvegen

In connection with the opening of Nordøyvegen the public transport schedules for Nordøyane will change from Sunday 28th August.


Route 1059 Aukra-Hollingsholmen will have a schedule change in the morning on weekdays. The departure from Aukra will be moved 15 minutes from 06.15 to kl. 06.00, and the departure from Hollingsholmen will be moved 10 minutes from 06.30 to 06.20.

On route 1056 Brattvåg-Dryna the ferry will start to traffic the distance Brattvåg-Dryna only. On Weekdays, the first departure from Dryna is at 06.25, and the last departure from Brattvåg will be at 23.00. On Saturday, the first departure from Dryna is at 07.25 and on Sunday 08.25.

Route 1051 Småge-Orta-Finnøya-Sandøya-Ona will have schedule changes all days. The ferry starts five minutes earlier than today from Ona on weekdays, at 05.20, and there will be adjustments throughout the day.


Line 232 vil og from Finnøya to Hamnsund/Brattvåg. There will be correspondence with ferry at Finnøya, bus connection from Brattvåg to Moa and connection with the express boat from Hamnsund to Ålesund town centre (Skateflukaia).

In connection with the changes for ferry 1056 Dryna-Brattvåg there will be an improved schedule between Brattvåg and Moa and correspondence with the ferry.

Express boat

For the express boat that will service the route Ålesund-Valderøya-Store Kalvøy-Hamnsund there will be twelve departures from Ålesund to Hamnsund on weekdays and the same number of returns. Of these departures, a total of seven departures will go to Store Kalvøy on weekdays and five in the weekend.

Combined ticket for bus and express boat

When the new schedule for bus and express boat starts, you will be able to buy a period ticket that covers both the bus from the islands to Hamnsund and the express boat between Hamnsund and Ålesund. The ticket will also include bus between Ålesund town centre and Moa. The period ticket will be discounted compared to a full price ticket.

In the period 22nd August to 22nd Oktober there will be a 40 % discount on all express boats to/from Ålesund. In this period, the combined ticket to/from Nordøyane will be discounted accordingly.

In the campaign periode the discounted price for the combined ticket is NOK 1.420 for adults and NOK 710 for children, seniors and students.

Tickets for the new schedule will be available for purchase from 22nd August.

Schedule information

The travel planner on the web side and in the FRAM app is updated with the new schedules. You can also find timetables in PDF format on the web site or call FRAM Customer Centre (71 28 01 00).

In the startup phase, a specially adapted timetable showing the various bus routes from the island to Brattvåg and correspondence with the express boat to Ålesund in combination will be available on the web site. However, we recommend using the travel planner on the web site or in the FRAM app for finding the most efficient combined way to travel.

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