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Information about the new app

We have a new app now. The app follow the requirement for universal design, which makes it easier for more people to use it. Here you will find out what the new app means for you as a customer.

The new app has several advantages

  • The app has become more user-friendly than the previous one.
  • It is easier and faster to use travel search and buy a ticket.
  • Those who are visually impaired can use the app better because it meets the requirement for universal design.
  • The map function has been improved, now you can directly follow where the bus is driving on the map.
  • People with telephone numbers other than Scandinavian can also use the new app.
  • FRAM can actively improve and expand the new app in the future.

What does this mean for you?

  • For a short period, the old FRAM app will work at the same time as the new FRAM app. On 1 November, you can no longer buy a ticket in the old app, but can use the ticket you purchased in November. However in December, everyone must switch to the new app because features in the old app will be turned off.
  • You cannot transfer a ticket from one app to the other, so if you have a valid ticket in the old app, you must use it there before you can switch to the new app.
  • In the app, you must expect a little extra time the first time, to create a new user.
  • You will recognize the menu and we have the same tickets as before.
  • You can also save your favorite places and departures as before.
  • Buying a ticket for the fast boats through travel search will be available later. But you can buy the ticket through the "Tickets" menu.
  • The app has been given a dark blue background on the icon and takes over the name "FRAM". And the old app with a white background on the icon has been named "FRAM (old)".

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have gathered frequently asked questions and answers about the app.

What do I have to do to use the new app?

You can start using the new app now, however make sure to keep the old app until the tickets in it are expired.

Search for "FRAM" in App Store or Google Play and download the app with blue app icon.

You get information about what to do next when you open the app for the first time. Help to get started using the new app.

What happens to tickets I have in the old app?

You must use the ticket in the old app until it expires. It is not possible to transfer the ticket to the new app.

Do I have to log into the app?

No. You can use the app without logging in, but there are several advantages to having a user and logging in. You get information about it in the app before you do.

Can I buy tickets in the online store and send them to the app?

Not yet.

Are there any changes to the tickets?

No. Note that tickets for the express boats through travel search will be available later. But you can buy the ticket through the "Tickets" menu.

Also note that from 1 November there are changes to the zone structure. Here you find information about the larger zones from 1 November.

How do I see if it is real-time or not in the new app?

In the new app, departures are marked in real-time with a green circle in front of them. Times without a green circle are scheduled times.

To see the scheduled time of a departure that shows real-time, you can press on the departure and the time that is crossed out is the scheduled route time.

Can I search for departures for the buses or ferries only?

Yes, in the travel search you can show departures for one or more means of transport only. Use the choice called Filter.

Is it possible to see a difference between the old and new app?

Yes, the old app has a white app icon and has been named "FRAM (old)" and the new app has a blue app icon and has been named "FRAM".

How do I add a payment method in the app?

When you are going to buy a ticket, you can choose to save the payment method and details for bank cards etc.

You can also enter this in the settings under My user without having to buy a ticket at the same time.

Where can I find the customer number in the app?

To find your customer number in the app, go to the My user menu.

What do I do if it says "not valid in control" on the ticket?

Go into the settings of the app and select the relevant unit (telephone) as the ticket bearer. From "My user", go to "Use ticket on phone" under the heading "Settings" and then "Switch between phones". Then choose the name with "(this unit)" at the back." It should then work to use the purchased ticket.

What do I do if I have a problem with the app?

You then contact FRAM Customer Center via the contact form or by telephone. Here you will find the contact information for FRAM Customer Center.

Important dates

1 November

You can no longer buy a ticket in the old app, however can use the ticket you purchased in November.

In December

Everyone must switch to the new app because the old app stops working.

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