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Information about the new online store

After Easter we will have a new online store. The online store we get will follow the requirement for universal design, which makes it easier for more people to use the online store. Here you will find out what the coming online store means for you as a customer.

The new online store will have several advantages

  • It will be easier and faster to buy a ticket.
  • Those who are visually impaired can use it better because it meets the requirement for universal design.
  • There will be a new function called "Buy for others". You can use it if you are going to buy tickets for family members or others. It will also be possible to buy the period tickets FRAM Ung, FRAM Student and FRAM Vaksen with this function.
  • We can keep you updated and send e-mails when we come up with new ticket products or new functions in the online store.
  • FRAM can actively improve and expand the new online store in the future.

What does this mean for you?

  • In the online store, you must allow a little extra time the first time, to create a new user and register your travel card, or order a new travel card.
  • We have the same tickets as before, additionally will FRAM Ung, FRAM Student and FRAM Vaksen come to the online store. The period ticket for 24 hours will be available later.
  • It will not be possible to top up the value part of the travel card in the new online store. You can still top up the value section on board a bus, express boat or at a traffic terminal. Or you can use the new function "Buy for others" if you buy tickets for family members or others.
  • It is only the online store that will be changed in this launch. There is no change in the app or on board the bus and express boat now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have gathered frequently asked questions and answers about the online store, travel card and the value part.

What do I have to do to use the new online store?

Use the same "Online store" button on the front page here at It will take you to the new online store when it is ready. There you will receive information about what to do.

You have to create a new user the first time you buy a ticket in the new online store. Have your travel card, bank card/payment information and email address ready.

Why can't I top up the value part in the online store?

The value part is an old, cumbersome payment form in most situations. The value part will be phased out completely until 1 August 2023. Until then, you can use the value part if you top up on board a bus, express boat or at a traffic terminal. Or you can add a larger value to the travel card during Easter before we change the online store, and use the value until 1 August.

Maybe the new function "Buy for others" will be a good alternative?

With "Buy for others" you can manage and buy tickets for other travel cards. Practical for those who want to buy a ticket for their children or other family members.

We would like feedback if it becomes a problem for you that you can't top up the value part in the new online store, or that the value part is to be phased out, and "Buy for others" does not meet your needs. Then we can work to find another alternative. Here you can submit feedback on the use of the value part.

What happens to tickets I already have on the travel card?

The tickets on the travel card will continue to be there after we have changed the online store.

Do I lose the money on the value part?

No. Be sure to use up the balance before 1 August 2023. After 1 August, you can get the amount refunded by filling in and submitting the form for a refund to FRAM Customer Centre.

Are there any changes to the tickets?

No and yes. All the tickets you can buy in the online store today can also be bought in the new online store. In addition, you can buy FRAM Ung, FRAM Student and FRAM Vaksen in the online store from now on. The period ticket for 24 hours will be available later.

There were some changes to the tickets on 1 January this year, you can read about them in the information about bus ticket prices increasing and changes being introduced from the New Year.

Will there be a new FRAM-app too?

Yes, there will be a new FRAM-app later this year, however we will be back with more information in good time. The FRAM app used today will still be available until we are confident that the new one is ready to cover all needs.

What happens in the future?

After Easter

The new online store will be launched after Easter in mid April. As soon as the launch date is ready, we will post information about this in our channels. The old online store will be deactivated at the same time, and you can no longer use the old online store after the new online store has been launched.

1 August

From this date, it will no longer be possible to use the value part of the travel card on the bus or express boat. We will present alternatives well in advance.

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