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The Reme tunnels will be closed on 6 February: - The goal is safer tunnels

The tunnels between Slyngstad and Brattvåg will be closed to traffic between 6 February and 1 June 2023, in order to carry out an extensive upgrade. During the closure period, there will be a diversion via Søvika and bus routes will change. The express boat service between Hamnsund and Ålesund can also be a good alternative for some.

Among other things, the entire roadway will be lowered to increase the height in the Reme tunnels. This means that you avoid centric driving, which is a big risk today.

The tunnels will be closed for a longer period to carry out absolutely necessary upgrade work. Since the entire road will be lowered, it is not possible to drive traffic through during the construction period.

- We know that this presents challenges for those who drive these tunnels on a daily basis, and it has consequences for public transport. This means that people have to plan their journeys to a greater extent. We try to make the consequences as small as possible by collaborating with FRAM on alternative routes for buses, and showing other alternatives that travelers can use, such as the express boat. After a period of closure with a change in travel patterns, we will have significantly better and safer tunnels. It's the carrot, says Erlend Opstad, who is project manager in the county road department in Møre og Romsdal county municipality.

Several traffic safety measures have been taken along the diversion route, such as visibility clearance, signage, relocation of footpaths and enhanced winter operations. The speed limit has also been lowered from 70 to 60 on some shorter stretches.

New bus routes during the construction period

The closure period also affects the bus routes in the area. The detour leads to longer journeys and increased traffic on the route. This means that the travel time by bus increases by 40 minutes during the day and 35 minutes in the evening, compared to the normal bus routes. Other changes will also be made to the route offer itself in order to maintain an effective public transport offer during the construction period.

  • Important departures for commuting to work and school are adjusted so that it works. This also applies to routes that correspond to line 230 between Brattvåg and Ålesund
  • Some departures are set to run only between Brattvåg and Hamnsund
  • Bus departures in periods of low traffic have been removed, as these cannot be maintained with the number of available buses

The timetables for the closure period have been updated in the FRAM app and in FRAM's travel planner at

The express boat is a good alternative

For travelers going to and from Ålesund, the express boat can be a good alternative. The express boat quay and the parking area at Hamnsund have recently been upgraded to be able to handle greater traffic. The boat has good capacity to accommodate many new travellers.

- The crew on board say that the boat has spacious capacity and can handle a large amount of traffic. We also propose that students going to the secondary schools in Ålesund and Borgund use the fast boat during the construction period. This is approximately 20 students, says Inge Rønstad, who is an adviser in the operations section of FRAM, in Møre and Romsdal county municipality.

The timetables for the express boat will not be changed during the construction period.

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