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Online store

In the online store, you can buy a period ticket and put it on the travel card. Or you can add the travel card with a credit. Here you can find information about the online store.

You need a travelcard before you can use the online store. Here you can find the form to order a travel card.

To use the online store you must register an account and be logged in. Here you can register an account for the online store and log in.

Note! For important information about the online store, read the Terms of use for the online store. You will find the information inside the online store too.

If you experience problems or errors in the online shop, contact FRAM Customer Centre via our contact form or phone 71 28 01 00. Here you can find the contact form for FRAM Customer Centre. Do not contact FRAM's system supplier directly.

In the online store

All period tickets, except FRAM Ung, FRAM Student and combined period tickets for bus and express boat are available in the online store. You can also add credit to a travelcard with an amount of money, and you can use that credit to pay for tickets on board. In addition you can use the online store for checking when the period ticket you have on the travel card will expire or the value you have left on the travel card.

To buy a period ticket for a travelcard, choose "buy ticket" in the online store. To add credit to a travelcard, choose "load".

Here you can log in to the online store.

Note! Tickets bought in FRAM's online store will usually be available on the travelcard the next day. In some cases, it may take extra days before the ticket and credit is available on the travelcard, so make sure you make your purchase well before travelling.

Registering a travelcard

You must have at least one travelcard registered on your account in order to buy period tickets and add credit to the travelcard. Choose "register new travelcard" if no card has been registered previously. You can register several cards on one account, so it is possible for a family to have just one account. You can add a nickname to your travelcard to easily identify the travelcard registered with the account.

Secure shopping in the online store

  • FRAM's online store transactions comply with all directives for secure online shopping
  • Access to your online store account is authenticated through a user name and password
  • Once your account is registered, you will receive a confirmation email. You must follow the link in the email to activate your account, but the response time is limited
  • All purchases are registered in the online store, but not your use of the travelcard on buses/express boats
  • Payment is made through PayEx, Teller and credit card companies in accordance with their guidelines (VISA will reserve the amount for five days even if you do not carry out the transaction)

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