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On-demand transport

On-demand transport is public transport that only run when someone has made a booking. The transport is often carried out by a mini-bus or taxi. On-demand transport is not available on public holidays. Below you find more information about booking, prices and how this service is working.

We are in the process of changing to a new booking system. As of now, we use two different systems, so the booking page will look different depending on which area you want to book for.

Note! From 1st June the on-demand transport service will be reduced

Due to financial reasons the on-demand service will be significantly reduced from 1st June 2023.

In the municipalities Hustadvika, Molde, Rauma, Smøla and Tingvoll, all on-deman transport will be paused.

In Volda municipality, the airport transport will continue but all other on-demand routes will be paused.

In Aure, Haram, Herøy, Kristiansund and Ørsta the on-demand service will remain unchanged.

We hope to resume the on-demand services in 2024, provided the finanicial situation improves.

Booking and deadlines

  • You can book online using the links further down on this page.
  • You can book by telephone to FRAM Customer Centre on 71 28 01 00 on weekdays 08.00-15.30.

Important about booking deadline

See information about the general booking deadline for the route that is relevant for you in the brochure for the relevant area (Norwegian only).

  • I the areas with the new booking system (airport transport Ørsta/Volda and Haram), online booking is available until the booking deadline for the trip.
  • For all other areas the following apply both for online bookings and booking made by phone to FRAM Customer Centre: trips that start before 10.00 Tuesday-Friday must be booked no later than 15.30 the previous day. Trips before 10.00 on Mondays and in weekends must be booked no later than 15.30 on the preceding Friday.

Note! We have techical problems that means we are not able to close the system for bookings in the way we want. This means it may be possible to ener booking online after 15.30 and during weekens. These booking will not be forwarded to the taxi companies and will not take place.

FRAM are not responsible for additional costs customers may have due to missing on-demand transport if the booking has been made outside of the deadlines that are specified above, such as ordinary taxi costs, missed bus or plane, etc.


Adult: NOK 50,00.

Children 6-17 years: NOK 25,00.

Children under 6 years old travel for free together with an adult. Concessionary/senior or student discounts do not apply for on-demand transport.

You pay to the driver using cash or a payment card. Period tickets cannot be used for on-demand transport.

Exceptions to this pricing may occur. Any exceptions are described in the brochure for the relevant area.

How the on-demand transport works

  • You must book in advance. The trip will only be driven when someone has made a booking.
  • The transport only stops where somone is being collected or delivered. As a consequence, the driving time will vary.
  • Bookings are coordinated, which means that the trip can stop by several pickup or delivery places along the way.
  • On-demand transport covers a defined area and you must be picked up or delivered within this defined area.
  • You must be ready 5 minutes before the assigned pickup time.
  • If you do not show up for the trip that has been booked, we will invoice you for our expenses with the booking/trip.

Different types of on-demand transport

FRAM offers different types of on-demand transport. What types that are available will vary from area to area.

Shuttle transport

A trip from home to one of FRAM's bus stops, express boat quays pr ferry quays, or from a stop/quay back home. Corresponds with specific departures or arrivals. The trip will always be planned so that you can catch the bus, boat or ferry that the trip is set up to correspond with.

Service transport

A trip from home to a municipal centre or another shopping/service centre, or from such a centre back home.


A trip home from a public event in the evening and at night on weekends. Night will gradually replace "Trygt heim for ein 50-lapp" which is available in some areas, and is especially intended for young people up to the age of 25.

Overview of the on-demand offering

Here you can find brochures that describe the offering in each of the areas (Norwegian only) where on-demand transport is available. You can also find instructions for how to use the new booking system that has been implemented and which at present is used for Haram, airport transport to and from Ørsta/Volda airport Hovden and Ørsta-Sæbø. To make a booking, click the blue box for the relevant area.

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