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Terms of use for the FRAM app

Before you begin to use the FRAM app to search for a travel time, buy a ticket and the check departure in real time, you will need to read and accept the Terms of use. The information is available in the app and here on the page.

Product information

The products sold through the FRAM app are electronic tickets. Single tickets and periodic tickets. The route information and all tickets that are available in the app applies to the routes that Møre and Romsdal County Authority covers in the county through the public transport named FRAM. The route information apply to all the scheduled public transport with buses, express boats and ferries in the county. The ticket apply to the buses and express boats, and ferry when one or several ferry connections are included in the traveling distance for the bus journey.

Note! The discount/the maximum price for FRAM Express route 101/100 Volda-Ålesund-Molde-Kristiansund is not available in the app yet. To get the discount/the maximum price, you can buy your ticket from the driver on board the bus.

Note! The mobile telephone used to buy the ticket must be present during the entire journey. You can only buy a ticket to your own mobile telephone, it is not possible to transfer a ticket or buy a ticket for another person using the app.

Note! To receive a text message with an activation code (or any other service message sent through text message), will work with Norwegian and other Scandinavian mobile numbers only.

Note! By using the "planner" you do not buy a ticket for the specified departure but a ticket to the particular route and ticket category. The ticket, therefore, will not be considered a reservation on that departure or guarantee for travel on the departure.

Note! Do not activate the ticket by selecting "use now" before you are on the bus/express boat and will start traveling immediately.

Note! The tickets are not valid for other commercial public transport services, such as the airport shuttle buses in Ålesund and Molde nor buses to Bergen, Oslo and Stryn-Trondheim.

Responsibility and delivery

As the traveller you are responsible for ensuring that the mobile telephone is working normally, ticket is legible for any ticket control and that you have sufficient battery capacity for the whole journey. If you are unable to show your ticket to a controller it will be treated as travelling without a valid ticket. Please see the General Transportation Regulations.

Travellers who are unable to show a valid ticket to the controller will, in addition to the cost of the ticket, have to pay a fine of 500 NOK on-site. For invoices the fine is fixed at 750 NOK.

The ticket/tickets are sent/delivered immediately after payment, distribution requires that the app is connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data). As the traveller you are responsible for ensuring adequate coverage. Be aware that there may be a delay in the delivery with a poor coverage. The delivery of the ticket/tickets is considered completed when the product is activated.

Note! It is possible to use the tickets in the FRAM app without internet (wifi or mobile data), but first the app must have been opened with internet access earlier in the day to download tickets that are valid, animation for the ticket and other product information that is updated. Do not close/shut down the app completely, to be on the safe side, between uses for the rest of the day.


All prices are given in Norwegian kroner (NOK) and including VAT. The total price for the ticket/tickets will be shown in the app before the purchase is completed.

The prices are determined by the fare regulations that are applicable. Møre and Romsdal County Authority is the ruling fare authority and with new fare regulations pricing may be changed accordingly.


In the FRAM app you can use a debit card, credit card and Vipps for means of payment. The first time you add a bank card, add a new bank card or pay for the ticket with a bank card you will be asked to verify by BankID. A requirement to increase the secure use of your debit or credit card.

When buying a ticket the payment is processed by PayEx, with a secure electronic payment solution for VISA and MasterCard/Eurocard. All card information is kept in accordance with the card companies' rules. In the banking system no travel information will be registered together with the electronic ticket.

To use Vipps for means of payment the Vipps app must be installed on the phone. You must have a BankID, a Norwegian credit/debit card and an account in a Norwegian bank to install and use Vipps. Other requirements are a Norwegian ID number (fødselsnummer) or d-number, a Norwegian mobile phone number, an e-mail address and a registered home address.

When you choose to pay with Vipps you will temporarily leave the FRAM app and enter Vipps. You confirm the payment in Vipps and when the payment is complete you will automatically be taken back to the FRAM app and your ticket has been paid.

Note! We are currently experiencing that some travelers have problems with payment in the FRAM app after we switched to stronger customer authentication (SCA) to comply with the EU's revised payment directive (PSD2). The card issuers' enforcement of the new regulations is the main reason for the problem, and that purchases under NOK 500 still follow previous guidelines for physical use of contactless payment. Work is being done to solve the problem.

Activating the ticket

When you buy a ticket in the FRAM app you can choose to activate it immediately when you purchase the ticket to use the ticket immediately, or to activate it later if you are early with purchasing the ticket and want to use the ticket later. In the settings within the app you can change what is set by default.

Note! Activate your ticket when boarding. Once you press activate, the ticket is valid and the valid time for the ticket will begin to count down.

It is not possible to make an advance purchase earlier than 48 hours before the planned trip. And 48 hours is the time limit for starting the trip when you have bought a ticket in advance.

The countdown of these 48 hours will be displayed on the ticket after you have purchased it but before it has been activated. After the deadline for activating the ticket has passed, it is no longer possible to use the ticket.

If you discover that you have purchased your ticket too early and will not be able to use it within 48 hours, do not activate the ticket! If you don’t activate it, you will not have to pay for it, and you can purchase a new ticket that will be valid for your trip.

If the ticket is not activated, the reserved amount will automatically be released after the time limit for activation has passed. Note that it may take some working days for the amount to be released in your account. The exact number of days depends on the card issuer, but it may take up to a week.

As a traveller you must always read the QR-code for your ticket on the available code reader device on board. On the vehicles/vessels without a functional code reader, present your ticket to the driver/crew.

Identification and documentation

As a traveller you must be able to present identification to the driver/crew/controller in case of doubt regarding your age. When using a ticket that entitles you to a discount, you must provide relevant documentation together with the ticket, e.g. FRAM Ung, student ticket or concessionary ticket.


If you require a receipt for the ticket you purchase, you can choose to fill in your email in the settings within the app and tick the box to send the receipt by email. You can do this either when you buy the ticket and by going to "ticket".


In the settings within the app you can choose to tick the box if you want a reminder that your single ticket or periodic ticket is about to expire.

Right of withdrawal

There is no right of withdrawal for a single ticket and periodic ticket bought and activated in the app. The ticket that is downloaded to the app and activated are considered used. If you have chosen not to activate the ticket your reservation for payment will be cancelled after 48 hours.

Privacy protection

This service is prepared to make the planning of public transportation and the ticket purchasing more versatile for you the traveller. Møre and Romsdal County Authority through FRAM via the data processors, wil store your mobilephone number within the app to identify you with a profile. If Møre and Romsdal County Authority through FRAM want to use the registered information for other purposes, e.g. to send you advertisements or information beyond what is necessary to fulfill the agreement, the County Authority will obtain consent from you to make the agreement.

The app uses Crashlytics to collect information about error situations and usage patterns to more easily identify and correct errors and deficiencies. Information that can be stored under error situations include unit status, unique unit identification, hardware on the unit and operating system, information related to how the application works, and the location of the units at the time the error occurred. To obtain a usage pattern, information about when and how long the app is in use will be collected.

All the information that is collected is anonymous and cannot be used to identify the user but is shared with third parties who provide services in the app, e.g. Crashlytics. The data processors for this service are FARA and Datagrafikk.


We note that typing errors/errors can occur, which may mean that e.g. functions, services, route information and products cannot be delivered in accordance with the information in the app, in marketing or otherwise.

In case of a major error with the app, then information will be posted on the FRAM website.


If there is a deficiency in the functions, products and services offered in the app, you must within a reasonable time after you discovered it, send a written message to the FRAM Customer Centre through the contact form informing about the problem. You will then be informed about what to do next. The rules about complaints can be found in the lov om forbrukarkjøp (in Norwegian only) (Consumer Rights Law).

Contact information

Contact the FRAM Customer Centre by using the contact form, by telephone +47 71 28 01 00, or send a letter to: FRAM Kundesenter, Postboks 743, 6501 Kristiansund N, Norway.

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