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The FRAM app

Now it is even easier to use public transport. In the FRAM app, you can use the travel planner, buy tickets and check departure times for buses, express boats and ferries on your mobile phone. Everything you need is in one app you can use throughout the county.

For a short period, the old FRAM app, called "FRAM (old)", with a white app icon, will work simultaneously with the new FRAM app, called just "FRAM", which has a blue app icon.

From 1 November, you can no longer buy a ticket in the old app, but can use the ticket you purchased in November.

In December, everyone must switch to the new app because features in the old app will be turned off.

Download the new FRAM app (with blue app icon)

The FRAM app is available on the App Store and Google Play. To download the app, tap on the link for the applicable app store.

When you have downloaded the FRAM app from App Store or Google Play, you will receive a start-up guide the first time you start the app. Follow the instructions and you will quickly be ready to travel.

For important information about the app, read the Terms of Use for the FRAM app. You will find the information inside the app too.

Use the travel planner

Select the location you are traveling from and the location you are traveling to, what time you are traveling and tap search. You can search for the name of the location, stop, your position and choose from the map. To easily search for the routes you travel often, you can choose to create favorites for both the distances and departures. After choosing your journey, you can buy the ticket directly from the travel planner.

Buy a ticket

In the app, you can buy both a single ticket and a period ticket for the buses and express boats.

In the new FRAM app (with blue app icon) you can buy and activate the ticket immediately to use it now, or later for it to be active at the time of departure as you choose.

In the old FRAM app (with the old app icon), you can no longer buy a ticket, however you can use a ticket bought before 1 November until it expires. Your tickets are collected in the overview of purchased tickets, so that you can easily retrieve active, inactive and expired tickets.

If you like, you can have receipts for purchased tickets sent to your email.

  • You can not buy tickets in the FRAM app for commercial bus services, such as the airport express buses in Ålesund, buses to Bergen and Oslo and Stryn-Trondheim.
  • You can only buy tickets for your own phone. It is not possible to move a ticket from one phone to another or to buy a ticket for a third party in the FRAM app.

Due to the EU's revised Payment Directive (PSD 2), which stipulates the security requirement to use strong customer authentication (SKA), you need to use BankID once you have selected a bank card as a means of payment for the ticket in the FRAM app. The requirement does not apply to payment for the ticket with Vipps.

If you are wondering how to buy a single ticket or period ticket in the new FRAM app (with blue app icon), here you will find information and answers to frequently asked questions about the new app.

Check the departure time

When you let the app find your location, you can choose to check both the nearest stop, the distance there and the lines that stop by. The departures are shown in real-time, and if the departure is delayed, it is marked with an updated departure time and a green circle at the front in the new FRAM app (with blue app icon) and in yellow text in the old FRAM app (with white app icon).

The app applies to the area of responsibility for FRAM

The route information and tickets that are available in the app, apply to the distances Møre and Romsdal County Authorithy manage in the county through the public transport service FRAM. The route information applies to all scheduled public transport with buses, express boats and ferries in the county. The ticket is valid for the buses and express boats.

If you get an error message

If you get an error message during use of the old FRAM app (with white app icon) and need more information about the cause of the error, we have written down explanations for the error messages. Here you can find explanations for the error messages that may appear during installation or use of the FRAM mobile application.

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